Google’s Doodle: Is It Useful for Marketing Purposes or Not?

Google’s Doodle uk
Google’s Doodle uk

First, let’s get into the history and understand the concept Doodle. It was first invented in 1998, which remains the same until the 2000s. The shocking fact is that doodles weren’t a concept, and it was just random things which inevitably do not have any purpose. 

It was to attain the attraction and make Google more attractive. It has been said in the meetings that first few doodles was introduced by the four men. They had to work hard to code and run on it in Google. But, now if you compare that doodles with today’s one, then you will find the vast difference. 

No doubt, now Google run more than 450+ doodles every year. The best features are playing one where the whole sign shows the motive. It attracts a lot of users and quite soothing to see something new every day. But wait! Does using doodles have any positive impact over businesses?

Let’s find out the answer.

How Effective Doodle Effective For Google?

You might get shocked to know that it does not have any benefits, then why are they using it? Why are they putting a lot of efforts, money and time to do such things?

It is quite a common question that must be bothering you, right?

Google is not that dump, right? There must be some purpose that leads them to do it. We did a lot of research, and find some unique points that you should do. But, before we move to it, let’s see what doodles do not do.

Things Doodle avoid:

There are four points which are generally four pillars of businesses. It is something that many online businesses expect.

1. Do Not Support To Drag Traffic 

Doodles are just for attraction purpose, and there is no impact on traffic. The best part is that Google has the most search terms and almost billions of people visit it. Do you think that quite a popular search engine require these traffic driving method?

So, it is clear that it does not have any contribution to traffic driving. It merely for attraction purpose?

2. Zero Sales Assistance

Google earns from pages and ads that run on its main page. You must have visited it, correct? There are no such ads on Google doodle’s page. So here, there is no scope of selling any kind of products. Still, no purpose find, which is bothering.

Move ahead and see what more this cannot do.

3. Lack Of Opportunities Or Reduce Them 

Having Doodle may be a source of attraction that brings more and more opportunities for the company Londoncashlender. But, it is not in such a way, because Doodle had to face many negative controversies, and this leads them to down. Though the purpose maybe something else, and people fail to interrupt it and get a negative effect.

This point shows that there is no scope of boosting opportunities to grow.

4. Have Zero Contribution In The Economic Devolvement

Suppose it is not useful for the company, then how you can expect its contribution to the country’s economic growth. So, what is the purpose, then? 

These are the four things that you doodle might be supposed to do. Now, let’s have a look at the significant reasons behind introducing these features.

The Positive Influence Of Doodle Over Google

There are three significant benefits that many people failed to see. Let us introduce them.

1. Add Value To The User’s Life 

Do you know what makes the Google topmost search engine on the planet?

Answer must be, relevant search results and providing the best content to the visitors. If these are the reasons, then introducing google must have a similar purpose. If you have noticed then doodle allow the link to open and help you to learn about something that you may not be aware of.

The best part is that they do not do directly; they add beautiful pictures and videos that lead them to explore more. Even recently, Google let people contribute it, and help them to showcase their creativity. This competition runs every year, though, this year it may not be occurred just because of some unexpected scenario. 

But, if you want to participate, then you should learn some skills and get a fantastic prize from Google. You can get some course and bear the cost with an option, like 100% guaranteed loans if you do not have saved money.

2. Do Not Promote Direct Selling 

Google provides something unique and out of the box. The word Google is display in every doodle but it very unusual way. It promotes the company’s name and providing valuable information to the viewers. 

Isn’t it amazing? And this is what known as indirect selling. Imagine what will be the scenario, if Google is sharing data and other stuff about their company that is entirely irrelevant to the users? It will drop the rate of engagement. Now, this is direct selling which is not suitable for firms.

3. Focus More On Content Rather Than Just Bragging

Content is the topmost priority for Google, and they focus on it more and try to give it in a different form. And it is something that is Google is doing with Doodle feature.

Now, you can get the point of launching the Doodle feature. These are the benefits that may not be provided directly, but it is contributing to the user’s growth. And, how beautifully they offer the chance to others explore this feature and become part of it.


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