How To Make A FaceTime Call on Your iPhone? Everything You Need To Know


Online meetings have become much easier nowadays with the help of smartphones. Technology has gone far beyond our thinking, and we are now living in an advanced world where everything has become so easy and accessible. One of the gadgets of modern technology namely ‘Smartphones’ is the best experiment ever. Android and iPhones have become essentials of human beings and can be found easily in everyone’s pocket. Not only the audio calls but the video calls, that used to be the difficult task, have become very easy. And when it is done with the help of an iPhone, the highly qualitative phone, it will take your experience on another level. 

With the help of FaceTime, video calling has become a child’s play now. This feature of the phone has made the video calling even easier and qualitative as well. The iPhone feature ‘FaceTime’ comes with some extraordinary features that enhance the fun and experience better than ever before. 

Moreover, using this option is quite simple. So let’s start with a simple and easy guide on how to start FaceTime on the iPhone and don’t wait more to grab some memorable memories over video calling with your friends, relatives, and colleagues. 

Well, how to use FaceTime  is not rocket science if you’ve found the right guide and assistance.  

How To Turn On FaceTime?

FaceTime is the iPhone feature so you don’t need to download any app. All you need to do is, first find the app from your setting. Tap and open the green color icon that looks like a camera is appearing in the settings. 

Amazingly, you can make audio and video calls via this app. To access FaceTime, you need an Apple ID to sign up. Another thing that you need is a strong internet connection, either Wi-Fi or personal phone connection. Do remember, your connection will decide the quality of your calling, so make sure your connections should not be poor. 

How To Make A FaceTime Call?

Once you turn on the FaceTime on the settings, you can access it anytime as it will be active every time. To make a call open the app, click on the toggle if it is switched off. To make a call, your phone number should be registered on your phone. If the number is already saved, select the number from your existing contacts to which you want to associate the FaceTime call. 

Now, to make a FaceTime call, tap on the ‘plus’ icon placed in the top right corner and the search for the contact name, email address, or phone in your contact list. Tap on the one and you’ll be allowed to start a video/audio call. If you start an audio call it will be Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) & will look like a regular call but you can convert this audio call into video by tapping on the FaceTime video icon. And when you successfully start a video call, you can see your contracting person on the main screen of the phone.   

What More You Can Do?

Yes, FaceTime isn’t limited to audio and video calls only as it is not lagged behind in making your calls more impressive, funny, and interesting. FaceTime is really fun to do if you are aware of every function of it. What else you can do to make your call memorable and enjoyable. Let’s have a glimpse. 

  • You can tap and drag the window to any corner of your display. 
  • The camera can be switched between the front to rear with the flip option.
  • During the call, you can ‘Mute’ & ‘End’ the call. 
  • There is an option to add an effect to your call to add more fun.
  • Effects like filters, Animoji, stickers, and other several options are there to make your call more interesting. 
  • You and your partner can capture the photos during phone calls, and the good thing is, you will be notified by the app. 
  • There is an option to minimize the video that allows you to check the text and other notifications during the call. 
  • With the help of the small white option located on the corner of the screen, you can accept the calls, but it will pause and blur your video until you return. 
  • You can reject or accept the call new incoming calls by putting the FaceTime call on hold. 
  • One can also block the contact from FaceTiming you with whom you don’t want to be connected on FaceTime. 

To make the FaceTime call is as simple as discussed above. So if you’re willing to spend some quality time with your friends and family members, pick up your phone, open FaceTime app and make a call without wasting time and enjoy. 

Though there is no shortfall of video calling apps including Whatsapp, Messenger, Skypes, and so on, FaceTime will always be your first choice because of its impressive features and quality. It has easy to use features, whether you want to make an individual video call or group call or go for an audio FaceTime call, you’re just a few steps away from a nice conversion. 

Along with uninterrupted calls, it also gives you reliable call service over the internet.  As for assistance, if you want to convey some confidential information in an official meeting or any lovable message to your girlfriend FaceTime is one of the reliable and best options to do so. 

If you have an iPhone or any other Apple device, you can easily exchange calls with upgraded Apple devices having FaceTime feature.  For this, you need to have a strong internet connection, no matter Wi-Fi or personal data connection, and devices with FaceTime features. 

With the FaceTime feature of the iPhone, video calling with a reliable platform is no more a hassle. It makes your tasks easier and more comfortable. Like you can make your office calls via WFH, enjoy any family get-together if you miss to go due to any silly reason and can connect with your family if you’re studying abroad.  

So don’t delay anymore to get connected with your friends and family if you have been waiting for long. 

Have a great time with FaceTime. Enjoy! 


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