Halloween 2020: Throw The Best Party Ever!

Throw The Best Party Ever
Throw The Best Party Ever

Halloween is the celebration time. Organizing a party that is perfect in all kinds of aspects, from booze arrangement to the appealing décor, is a work of art that not many excel at. Many people often drop the idea of being a host as they have already spent all of their time selecting a Halloween costume, or either they are out of ideas. Just use a little bit of your creativity and invest a handsome amount of time in making the party successful instead of wasting it on worrying.

Now, Halloween Jackets are here to be your life savior in this regard. Just opt for a perfect fit jacket inspired by your favorite movie character and move the direction of your focus on the small details of the party that you are going to throw this Halloween. This year, let’s be the best host ever and show people how it’s done!

Essential Things To Land Hands On!

First things first, make a list of things that you are going to need for the decorations, menu, and games. If you’re thinking of scaring the hell out of everyone, brainstorm the spookiest ideas and make them a reality. You can creep people out just as they enter your house while eating or drinking or even when they go to the washroom to pee!

Rush to the store and get the fairy lights preferably in dark colors like orange, purple, black, or neon, carved green pumpkins, big googly eyes, Gothic candles in black color, spider webs, eyeball ice, plastic snakes, and black card sheets to make titles and rats. Decorate your entrance gate, and don’t leave your library unattended. Put some black cats there, as when someone enters there for a breath of peace, and it won’t remain the option for him! Write some scary notes at your toilet seats and a red marker like ‘Watch your back’ and don’t let anyone sit in boring peacetime. 

Use Creativity To Turn Your House Into A Ghost House!

Make your entrance like the entry of a hell house from where no one is going to return the same as they came. Embellish your entry with oversized googly eyes sneaking out from the small pots and windows and past it at the front gate. Put fake doll legs at the entry gate, like coming out from the ground, with ‘go back’ written on it and give people second thoughts.

Now, as they enter, make sure to wrap plastic snakes with fairy lights and hang them in the form of a chandelier. Make the chairs and tables Halloween-y with spider web table cloths and ghost chair cloths, put dark-colored cutlery on the table like black or green to give the Halloween vibes.

As they put their hands on the snacks, surprise them with eyeball themed donuts, chocolate bars as skeleton hands, spider web cookies and bat cupcakes, and everyone smiling with delight. Add eyeball marshmallows in your candy bowl. For the cake, make it black with orange toppings and decorate it with small edible tombstones having the names of some random guests. You can even customize your plain knives and forks with spider web patterned paint or made of card sheets for extra fun.

Turn your simple wine and cocktails into scary shots of pleasure by decorating the glassware. You can even add frozen eyeballs or spider ice cubes to make people’s hearts skip a beat as they take first sip. Prepare drinks that are blood-red colored like Boulevardier or turn your traditional Pumpkin Spice Latte into a drink of hell with the spookily decorated glasses.

Exciting Games To Keep The Guests Engaged!

Arrange different games to let people not get bored. Let them enjoy the time of their life with a wine glass in their hand. The best activity is an ‘Eyeball Race.’ Transform your simple lemon-on-a-spoon race into a scary eyeball-on-a-spoon race. Make teams and see who the best eyeball carrier is!

Pictionary, when it takes a high road, gives us a ‘Pumpkin Pictionary’ game. Instead of drawing on paper to let others guess what is on your mind, carve it into a pumpkin. Let people throw some funny guesses and have a good laugh.

Another fun game is a ‘Pin the Spider’ one. Like darts, throw skeleton hands on a web placed on the wall and hit the center spider for extra marks. Don’t miss the target and kill those spiders. For a touch of Halloween, fill the spiders with fake blood. As you hit the spot, blood comes out of the spiders to scare the crap out of the guests.

If you want to enjoy your partner, then there’s no perfect game as ‘Wrapping-as-Mummy Race.’ Challenge the opponents and wrap your partner as a mummy with white tape or toilet paper as fast as you can to beat them. This game has the most fun in it. A costume contest is also an interesting and engaging activity to do at Halloween parties.

Let people walk as models on the DIY runways, and other guests vote them on their costumes. Create as many categories as possible to award more and more people. Wear the best Halloween Leather Jackets to look the classiest from the rest of the crowd and get your hands on the ‘Best Costume Skeleton Award.’ Place Ouija Boards and Tarot Cards at a separate table for the creepiest guests and let everyone have a fang-tastic Halloween!


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