How Much Does it Cost for Pay Per Click Advertising Services?

How Much Does it Cost for Pay Per Click Advertising Services
How Much Does it Cost for Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Pay per Click Advertising has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. So, the question, what PPC is? And how much does it cost for PPC services? These are common and confusing questions. The concept of PPC can be slightly intimidating if you are new to it as they are largely dominated by numbers, percentages, and deliverables. Businesses are spending thousands of dollars on PPC services. This form of advertising is apprehended to stay for a long time. A lot of agencies now offer Pay per Click Advertising Services, and we will break it down for you. Keep reading the blog to learn more about PPC.

 What is pay per click advertising?

First things first, you should be clear about how PPC works. Pay Per Click Advertising is an advertising program that runs on Google. A lot of other search engines also offer PPC services. According to it, you get billed when a visitor clicks on your advertisement and visits the destination link. PPC is very effective, and that is what makes it so popular.

 According to a survey by HubSpot, more than 50% of visitors click on PPC advertisements. It leads to quite generous revenue for a business that invests in Pay Per Click Advertising Services. But, are PPC services essential for your business? Let’s find out.

 Benefits of pay per click advertising

PPC services bring enormous benefits to the businesses that opt for it. All these benefits contribute to better revenue and revamp the brand name. Take a look at the top benefits of Pay per Click Advertising Services –

Contributes to Business Goals – With the help of PPC services you can achieve many of your business goals. These goals can be anything from brand exposure to efficient thought leadership. They can even be lead submission or e-commerce sales.

 • Measurable & Trackable – It is easier to measure and track PPC advertising. You can use Google Ad Tools along with Google Analytics. This allows you to track your performance, clicks, conversions, and a lot of other aspects.

 • Quick Entry – With the help of Pay Per Click Advertising Services you can bring better efficiency quickly. PPC allows for better marketing optimization. With the integration of Google Ads, you can launch your campaign easily. PPC services give you a marketing edge over companies lacking it.

Brilliant Targeting Options – With the help or PPC services, you can target a specific audience effectively. This targeting leads to better brand exposure and attracts more audience. Focusing on targetted aspects of the market is beneficial for any business. Hence, a good PPC marketing service increases brand visibility and value.

 • A wealth of Marketing Data – PPC can bring forward a whole new set of data and information for marketing. The clicks, impressions, and conversion data, all of them are valuable. They can be used for solid SEO strategy and resilient business marketing efforts.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising Services, you need to know about the costs. Let us take a look at the costs of PPC services in the next segment.

 What is The Cost of PPC Services?

The cost of PPC services can be variable. It depends on a lot of different factors. When agencies charge you for PPC services, it is based on a certain percentage of the ad spend. This percentage is anywhere between 15-30%. For instance, consider you spend $1000 on adverts every month. Then you will need $150 – $300 for management costs. This structure can reduce if you can increase the spending on your ad. Using the different tools of PPC, you can track and measure your campaign performance. So, in the coming days, you will be able to put more money efficiently into your PPC services. That will help you to bring down the costs of the Pay Per Click Advertising Services.

Now, if you are wondering why agencies charge less to run more PPC ads, the reason is quite simple. It becomes cheaper to run such campaigns because they are more established. These PPC campaigns come with ease of optimization and have historical data. But, there is certainly a minimum amount of money you have to spend every month. You have to invest an amount that is beneficial for both parties. Otherwise, the efforts are of no use for the agency that is offering you with the monthly Pay per Click Advertising Services.

 Average Cost of PPC Services 2017 – 2019

Here is a table that tells you about the average cost of Pay per Click Advertising Services between 2017 and 2019. This change can clearly demonstrate the boom of PPC services day by day.

Metric                                   2019 2018 2017

Cost Per Click                     $1.03 $0.99 $1.18

Click-Through Rate         1.8% 2.1% 2.5%

Cost Per Mille                   $18.71       $20.90   $29.46

Conversion Rate5.2%3.1%2.7%
Cost Pet Conversion$19.24$31.79$43.52
Invalid Click Rate5.7%6.6%7.5%

So, from this table, you can check out the estimated costs that are involved in PPC services. Over the years, a lot of changes take place in each aspect of PPC advertising. That leads to variable costs every year. To get the estimated costs of Pay per Click Advertising Services, you have to contact the agency.

Final Words

PPC services are now an integral part of revenue generation for any business. It can lead to efficient brand exposure and an increase in audience growth. There are a lot of other exclusive benefits that PPC brings to businesses. The overall costs can be expensive at first, but with time they come down. This is why you should not back out. You can easily get hold of an agency offering Pay per Click Advertising Services. Make sure to check out the rates and compare them with more than one company. This will help you decide which agency offers the best service.


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