How Taxi Nova Milanese Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies.


Taxi Nova Milanese is a revolutionary taxi service that offers rides in both Milan and Turin at an affordable price and with an unparalleled customer experience. The service is available 24 hours a day and will take you to your destination in under an hour. You can even order a ride from your phone.

In this article, we will outline the company’s innovative features and how they are going to change your business strategies. But first…

What Is Taxi Nova Milanese?

 Taxi Nova Milanese is one of the first digital taxi services in Italy, which was founded in 2015 by Gilberto Turati. The company offers affordable rides to people living in Milan and Turin, allowing them to book a ride whenever they need to. They can also order a ride through their smartphone.

The service is available 24 hours a day and unlike other taxi services, customers can call for an immediate pickup or schedule one for later. And yes, they accept credit card payments.

More than just offering customers convenience and prompt service, Taxi Nova Milanese also gives back to the community by supporting local institutions that are active in helping young people excel academically or professionally. Every week, the company offers a free ride to a person from a local middle or high school.

Taxi Nova Milanese Is The Future Of Business

Taxi Nova Milanese is going to change the way people think about taxi services in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. The company puts their drivers ahead of everything else, offering them a higher pay and better working conditions. This is the reason why they often have a higher retention rate than other taxi services. Customers can also rate their drivers, which allows them to get only the best drivers for bigger orders.

This taxi service is definitely going to change the way people think about taxi services in Europe and how they should be run. It will also change the way companies will think about their business strategies, as it has already changed the way Taxi Nova Milanese does theirs.

The company’s CEO, Gilberto Turati, said that “we have a good vision for the future and we’re going to keep going. We’re a fast-growing business and there is a lot of interest in investing in us. We have investors from abroad who are willing to come into the business. We want to be a leader in our field.”

That’s why you need to keep an eye on Taxi Nova Milanese. The company has big plans for the future and it will change the way you think about Italy, taxis, and business in general.

Taxi Nova Milanese – The Road To Success

As the company’s name suggest, Taxi Nova Milanese was founded in 2015 by Gilberto Turati, who is also its CEO. It was designed after Turati visited New York City in 2015. Back then, he was intrigued by how many taxi services there were in The Big Apple and how easy they made it for anyone to get a ride at any time of the day or night.

Turati wanted to bring this same service to Italy. He started the company after his first visit to New York, believing that it would be good for business. And Turati was right. The company’s innovative business model brought instant revenue growth after its launch.

The idea for an on-call taxi service was initially dismissed by some of Turati’s colleagues as being impractical. But he believed in the power of Uber, which inspired Taxi Nova Milanese. “Uber is very successful in many countries around the world, including Italy,” Turati said. “But its success has also created some competition among taxi services around the world.


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