How to beautify your eyebrows with pro waxing tips

eyebrow waxing Fredericton
eyebrow waxing Fredericton

One of the best eyebrow shaping tips you can get is to use wax. If you make wax your preferred option, you will have great looking eyebrows for 2-4 weeks, depending on how fast your eyebrow hair grows. An added benefit, the wax is gentle on the delicate skin on your eyebrow and eyelids, so you don’t have to suffer from issues like pigmentation or cuts. There are some other benefits of waxing your brows include removing dead skin cells from your skin and reducing hair growth.You can many other benefits by waxing your hair brow so you should give it a try. Here are the Pro tips provided by Professional brow makeup artist.

Prepare Your Eyebrow

Preparing your brows is one of the most useful tips for eyebrow waxing. Suppose you do not carefully handle this procedure, the risk that the eyebrows will be uneven or distorted. In their lists of tips for waxing eyebrow, experts recommend using a clean mascara wand or a baby toothbrush to set the eyebrows in place.

Length of Eyebrow

Two other important aspects to consider are the length of your eyebrows and the amount of space between them. You can use a makeup brush to mark the beginning and end of your brows. When it comes to the gap between your eyebrows, most eyebrow waxing experts agree that the gap should be larger when your eyes are close together and vice versa.

Shape of Eyebrow

Draw your brows’ ideal shape first to make sure you benefit from these tips for waxing your eyebrows. So you know exactly where to remove hair and where not.

Application of Wax

When applying wax, the expert for waxing eyebrows agrees that you should only use a small amount of wax, applying the wax in the same direction as the hair grows and not letting the material dry out on your skin.

Take Baby Steps

Another essential aspect of eyebrow waxing is taking baby steps. Remove only the little hairs each time this ensures that you don’t have much pain and gives you a chance to make sure you’re on the right track. If you end up with a few hairs left, it’s best to use tweezers to remove them.

Ask your friend help.

If you are waxing your brows the first time, you may not follow some eyebrow hair removal tips. As a result, you can create gaps or bald spots in your eyebrows. While you wait for the hair to grow back, you can use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow to hide those bare spots. Be especially careful when waxing your eyebrows. Hot wax can easily lead to accidents. It is better to ask a friend to perform these eyebrow hair removal tasks to your brow.

That concludes this list of tips for growing eyebrows. If you follow these ideas, you will have beautiful eyebrows for a long time. However, for the sake of safety, be careful and achieve a perfect pair of eyebrows. If it is your first time of waxing, you should go to your nearest spa for eyebrow waxing.


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