How to Determine a Reliable Source on the Internet


In the digital age, Finns have access to tons of information at the tip of their fingers. So, we may ask ourselves what makes a good source? When it comes to browsing and reading reviews and informative texts such as those on, or even taking the time to read Amazon product reviews. 

Casino and gaming review sites are important as you’ll most likely need to add personal details and verify your identity, or you want to know that your money isn’t being wasted when purchasing new products. Either way, you are looking out for yourself and need to ensure that the sources is honest and reliable.

A credible source is trustworthy, but sometimes it can be hard to tell if a writer is giving their opinion or false information as fact without proof. Many unreliable sources can often appear trustworthy; however, you can do a few things to stay away from these sites. With the help of our expert Maunu Seppinen, we’ve come up with a few tips to find credible sources.

Be Sceptical

Anyone can post anything online, so something that appears to be a fact may not be one. Question everything you read and constantly ask yourself what is a reliable source? It’s also a good idea to figure out precisely what you’re looking for before you start looking for information. Then, you can research the author of the articles you’re getting information from and see what organizations they have an affiliation with. 

It’s important to know if they work with any groups that can cause the review to have a biased outcome. Look to see if they get funding from a specific organization related to what the author is writing about. However, it’s important to note that just because an author has an affiliation with an organization, it doesn’t necessarily mean their article is biased. 

Verify Details

Don’t rely on one source for all the details on which sites are reliable online casinos; look for multiple articles to see if the information matches. Once you find several reliable reviews read what they have to say, and check the casinos’ official websites. Since technology moves fast, it’s easy for information to become out of date. For example, a review may list a bonus that’s no longer available to Finnish users, such as boosted odds during the world series. So, make sure you check the dates listed in the article to see if what’s listed is still relevant. 

User Reviews

There are hundreds of online Finnish casino reviews on the internet, some from big companies others from individuals. Reading articles from brands that regularly discuss casinos helps decide on where you should gamble. These reviews may also have a comment section for users to express how they felt about the casino discussed in the article or the review itself. Feedback like this can shouldn’t be the determining factor on if you trust a source or not. However, it can give you something to consider as you research.

Loaded or Vague Terms

A reputable source that discusses casinos articles will tell you everything you need to know about the site. Beware of reviews that only vague terms like “gamblers love this site” or “this is a good casino” without telling you what makes it good. Sources like this only want to increase their readership and provide a helpful review. Additionally, watch out for articles that play on your emotions, especially with misleading titles.

Beware of Bias

Consider the tone of the article; is it trying to persuade you to a specific view? Or is it unbiased and straightforward information? Look to see if the source you’re looking at has set criteria for their best online casino ratings and if they stay consistent. Moreover, a review should tell you about all aspects of a gambling platform you’re looking into, not just the good parts.


Be sceptical of any information you read online and examine your sources. Ensure that the author is evident in what they’re stating and verify the details they provide. Overall, the internet is a great place to find what you need; it just takes some discernment.


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