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Gone are the days when phone users had to keep songs handy on the phone. The moment someone requested a song, the incumbent used to search the drive for the song. However, times are changing fast. Now, there are more important things that one needs to store in the phone drives. There are official files, documents, and photographs. Phones have replaced cameras in many instances. So, how does one access his or her favorite tunes? Through online streaming services. A music subscription is the best that one can get.

Types Of Music Softwares On The Move

  • Spotify is one of the best in overall performance. There is a huge range of music that one can access. It is one of the biggest music subscription services that one can avail themselves of. It is basically an app that can play on all major platforms. iOS, Android, and any other preferred browser can help one get the best results. One can try it out without subscribing first. There is a free and ad-based version that can give the maximum benefits. Spotify works on the desktop as well. There are podcasts as well. One can also avail of video content. Any music lover across the globe will love it.
  • Apple Music is next in line. It is dedicated to those who own an Apple phone or device. Apple Music is the best music subscription service that integrates nicely with the Apple hardware and software. One can access at least 40 million songs on Apple Music. One can also integrate it with Siri and the Apple Watch. One can also play it on Homepod. It is the service to die for if one has Apple devices handy. It is exclusive in that manner. Beats 1 radio station services are also accessible for Apple Music subscribers.
  • Everyone has probably heard of Alexa. It is one of the latest to hit the music market online. A part of Amazon services, it can give one good deal. Amazon Prime subscribers get it free. Going for the Music Unlimited versions separately is a better option. One can access it on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and on the web too. Alexa products work fine with the music streaming service. There is only musical content, though. Videos have not yet entered the scene. Access tens of millions of songs online with this amazing service.

YouTube Music Library Decoded

Lastly, one must not forget about the YouTube Music library. If one is fond of Google, then this is their go-to music streaming service. On an Android, it works so well. One would never go for another. There is a free version that one can use without any payment. However, it does not connect well with Alexa or Echo. Additionally, it works with Bluetooth on the phone. So, that is where Google is trying to improve.

All these services are making news all over. Everybody has one app amongst these for sojourns. The phones have thus become music PlayStations today. That is all for the better.


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