What is the best alternative to cable internet?

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Cutting the cord has taken the USA by storm. This movement is a the newest addtition to cutting down the non non-modern cabele that no longer fits in the society of the GenZ. You could also be tired of the hefty payments for the cable, phone, or the internet services. Some packages come in bundles for all three but are still heavy on the wallet. Thus tendsing to push the thought idea of going for wireless cable or internet service, which can potentially save you money. However, have you considered the pros and cons of such a move? Because in all honestly and through research while cable, internet, and phone may be pricey but wireless internet does not account for all three options. 

You want nothing more than cutting the cost and stop wasting hundreds of dollars on underdeveloped packages and plans by your internet providers who cannot even give you good customer service and help you with all the trouble you haveexperience. But there’s a catch, you need this bundle which is convenient indeed, even if it is expensive, since t. This includesoffers lightning fast internet access on top of cable and phone. 

You do not necessarily have to necessarily keep using a poor internet provider’s service that you get annoyed with, especially when it comes to cable TV. There are ample issues and multiple downturns and you still cannot find the perfect cable for your needs. If you are someone facing these issues, you can look for Spectrum TV, which has 125+ channels, a free TV App, and many more on-demand movies so you can have unlimited entertainment. You deserve a frustration-free service and quality so you can live worry-free. 

Before proceeding, you need to know:

What is internet cable?

The internet cable is described in a not-so-physical sense as the cable TV that you get with the internet service in a bundle. This bundle also comes with a home phone if you want. The internet cable, however, has a physical cable connection, modems, and wires, which bring you the internet connection. This connection brings both the internet speed and the channel you can watch, on-demand video, streaming, and a home phone connection. 

This usually has bundles and packages for you to choose from. Different internet providers charge you differently but there are many top providers with hassle-free options and customer service. It is a fact that many cord-cutting movements have happened but you need to decide which option is best for you. This will generally depend on your usage and location. So, if you live in the USA’s inland areas or the rural sides, cable or satellite TV is the best option. But on the urban side, streaming TV can work. This is because it requires a good internet connection work. 

What is the difference between internet cable/cable TV or streaming TV

The basics of both types of TV have been discussed but what are the major differences in both and thus which option to choose will be discussed in the table below. But it will mostly depend on your area too.

Cable TVStreaming TV
Always AvailableLow Cost+
More VarietyNo Contracts
Best Video QualityNo Maintenence
High CostLess Variety
Contractual Based (In Most Cases)Quality Depends On Wifi
Maitenence Of CablesNo WiFi No Streaming

So, which is better? 

As it was stated that it would depend on the usage and the location. In most urban areas, streaming would be great. This is especially the case when you are a bachelor or bachelorette and have no need for Cable TV thus saving on the cost is a plus with all the bills. But if you are a family then cable TV would be more functional. The kids can watch a variety of their shows and channels both for kids between ages 5 to 15 and above. While you, the adults can have a spate assortment of channels for viewing and entrainment. You can also get on-demand videos and special HDTV or 4K content. \But this will depend on whether your television is equipped to run such content. 

You can also have an add-on to channels within different bundles and deals for cable TV. Cable TV usually comes with an internet plan too. However, do not worry, your cable TV does not use the internet bandwidth but has a space for it so you don’t have issues with connectivity. So which would you consider better? 

Last Comments

You can call your internet provider for all types of details. For example, in the USA, Spectrum, and Xfinity have the best customer service and will readily be available with all the information you need to choose the best plan. Nevertheless, the final verdict rests entirely on you and what your need is. We, humans, tend to listen often to the opinions of others and forget what our need is, resulting in a decision that does not work for us. Hence, do take opinions but as part, “information” then looks at your needs thus making an “informed decision” which helps ease down regrets. Good luck! 


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