How to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Website for Free

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Website for Free
How to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Website for Free

Oh boy, am I excited! After one year of being online and learning the ropes… and 3 months of discovering that backlinks are the key to growth… I have finally found the solution to get backlinks… and that too free backlinks. Your search ends here. I set up a forum post asking for a backlinking tool on one of the more reputable networking forums and received a suggestion from an acquaintance to check out brute force SEO.

He said, “it’s $157/month with an affiliate commission and trust me you’ll love it.” Now I must confess that was not the first recommendation being made to me so I was wary. I went to the page, saw the videos, and then looked at the price and fell off my chair.

Nothing I had encountered till then was over $147 a month and I was looking at $97 as my outer budget. But then he mentioned the ‘affiliate program’ so I clicked that link. And lo! 50% was the affiliate commission, which meant I could recover my investment with just 2 sales.

Sounded good. That apart, 33% was offered as ongoing commission, which meant I needed 3 subscribers like my referrer to keep this thing free. Pretty easy I thought. There will be 3 people on the planet who think this is a good idea even if the product is not the very best.

There was a 7-day free trial against PayPal. I decided to opt-in for the trial. If nothing else, my understanding of backlinks would increase I figured once I handle a package… and PayPal is easy to cancel.

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Website for Free
How to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Website for Free

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Next, I thought to check on support. I always shoot for support first and product later. I was amazed. For a simple set of 3 queries, I got a methodical point-by-point response in a few hours.

Then I stepped into the brute force forum. Oooh! What camaraderie… like an army at work against the artificial intelligence machine of Google. And this was in the general forum, not the member’s area… what would that be like, I wondered.

By now my product had downloaded and I was ready for the kill. The setups were easy and Peter Drew (the maker) wrote the pdfs well and easily. What’s more, I got a keyword research tool and a twitter friend adder free. These were cool but I didn’t really get the time to check them out as my purpose was to get backlinks.

Putting the brute force software to work, I found it worked really hard. It searched for every directory, forum, web2.0 property it could find, created a new account there, and posted a link on all my major keywords back to my money site/s.

Every run took 10 hours or so and a pretty dapper report as output. Of course, it would take a while for google to reflect these free backlinks (as the forum people advised) but they were coming surely.

Now I am 2 weeks into brute force and I believe I have my solution here. Why not take the free trial and experience all the “better than you expected” stuff yourself? I’m here to help.


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