Interesting Facts About Beer you Need to Know


Who doesn’t love a glass of beer on a warm summer day in Australia? Beer is truly one of the most loved alcoholic beverages worldwide, and it has been this way for many centuries now.

Organic beers Australia are a big hit amongst the audience. It is one of the most preferred go to beverages for any adult who wishes to blow some steam or hang out with friends.

Did you know that beer is the third most devoured drink on the planet after water and tea? No?

Here are some more mind-blowing facts about your favourite drink. Read on to be amazed.

  • Most popular alcoholic drink ever

In the year 2016, about 50 billion gallons worth of beer was consumed all over the globe.

 The history of beer brewing is as old as human history. The process of brewing beer and drinking the same even predates written language.

The beer brewing process has changed from the middle ages to today’s day and age. Initially, the brewing process was done in monasteries and homes like a genuine communal effort. The process is currently pursued by multi-national corporations that have a scientific oversight.

In 2017, the United States of America citizens above the age of 21 consumed beer, equating to about 26.9 gallons.

  • Budweiser is the leading producer

Currently, Budweiser is the leader beer brand on the planet. The brand is valued at over 15 billion dollars. 

Heineken grabs the second spot while Bud light is at third place. Another fun fact is that in 1963, the brand Heineken created beer bottles that could be doubled up as glass brink if someone wanted to build a house.

The primary goal of this new initiative was to reduce waste. Moreover, it also provided cheap building materials for the people living in low-income areas.

The top five beer producers worldwide include names like Corona and Stella Artois.

The country with the highest beer consumption in the Czech Republic, with 137 lights per capita yearly. Next comes Poland, 98 litres, and Germany, 96 litres per captain a year. Countries like Lithuania and Austria are also present in the top five names.

  • Chips and Beer

The trendy beer snack, chips, were produced by accident.

The story starts with a chef named George Crum, who a tycoon criticised for having too thick potatoes. He sliced the potatoes into paper-thin shapes and eventually fried them in response to this criticism.

The dish turned out to be so good that those chips ended up becoming one of the most famous dishes of the restaurant of George Crum

  • There is an International Beer Day

Yes! International beer day is on the first Friday of August every year. It has been created to appreciate the drink and its lovers. The first-ever international beer day was celebrated in the USA in 2007. In the next five years, this holiday started being held in more than 50 countries and over 200 cities all over the globe.

Wrapping Up

Beer is one of the staple drinks for many people worldwide. The love and variety of beers continue to rise over the years. Generally, people have pizzas, chips, or burgers on the side to support the beer-drinking spree. 

Here’s to enjoying organic beers Australia and ensuring safe drinking.


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