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People have always had a love/hate relationship with jackets. They can either make you or break you. Wear it right and people will be talking about your fashion sense for a long time. Wear it wrong and you will become the ‘what not to do’ story. Whatever the case, our love for jackets never ends and we all try our best to create an outfit that we can pull off. Whether it’s our love for biker jackets or bomber jackets, we really want it to work. But on the other hand, we are also afraid of it. 

When trying to create the perfect look with our favourite jacket, we always look towards the celebrities for guidance. We try to find out how they do it so we can follow in their footsteps and be known for looking cool, suave, and chic. We want to hand our jackets off the shoulder and give the same smouldering look that they do. And all of this is for a reason. Celebrities have worn jackets with perfection on many occasions. That is not to say that they have bombed. They have bombed a couple of times—hard. But everybody makes mistakes sometimes. 

So, for all you folks who want to look like Bond or Marlon Brando, here’s the lowdown on all the jackets that made history and are still remembered.

1. The Shearling coat from Fargo

Actor: Steve Buscemi

A lot of people call Fargo the ‘Ultimate Coen Brother movie’. It won an Oscar for Best Actress in a leading role (played by Frances McDormand) and Best Writing/Screenplay Written (The Coen Brothers of course). Not only that, but it was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor in Supporting Role, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Film Editing. It won another 81 awards and was nominated for 57. The film carries the 90’s style flawlessly. Everybody is dressed to impress. But what takes the cake is Steve Buscemi and his suede shearling coat. Let’s say that the coat perfectly describes Steve’s character and personality.

2. The Red Blouson Jacket from Rebel Without A Cause

Actor: James Dean

James Dean doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Neither does the movie ‘Rebel Without A Cause’. James Dean acted in just three films before he passed away at the young age of 24. In such a short time, he clearly left his mark on the fashion industry as well as the culture. The one thing that everybody remembers about him is the red Blouson jacket. The jacket had so much impact on James Dean that it is said he didn’t want to return it after the movie and kept it with him.

Even now you will see people trying to pull off that look. If you are a James Dean fan and you want to dress like him, you too can find leather jacket companies that offer the red blouson jacket along with many more.

3. The Bridge Coat from Spectre

Actor: Daniel Craig

Now, what can we say about Bond fashion? We know that James Bond is known for his immaculate dressing style, a bevvy of women thronging around him, and his gadgets. If we start making a list of all the statement pieces of clothing that have been featured in the Bond movies, it would take days to compile it. But the one thing that caught our eye, and everyone else’s, was the double-breasted bridge coat that we see Daniel Craig wearing in The Spectre. The coat is beautifully designed. It has the length of an overcoat but the lapels and buttons of a peacoat. We could write an article just on that coat.

4. The field jacket from Taxi Driver

Actor: Robert De Niro

Again, we talk about a legendary actor and a movie that will stay fresh in our minds for years to come. Taxi Driver was an iconic movie and no one could have played the character of Travis Brickle better than Robert De Niro. He plays the psychotic Vietnam vet who is driving a taxi. Ever since the dawn of that movie, we have seen numerous anti-heroes come up. 

There are many things we can take away from the movie but one of those is the army surplus field jacket that De Niro wears. Did you know that it has an official name? It is called the M-65 field jacket. Want to act like an anti-hero? Get this jacket and create your own ensemble. 

5. The Leather Jacket from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Actor: Harrison Ford

Again, we have a legendary film for you. This time it is Raiders of the Lost Ark with Harrison Ford playing the titular role of Indiana Jones. He got a lot of attention for his acting as well as his dressing. The most attention went to his hat that became popular. What most people didn’t recognize was the weathered brown leather jacket. One little piece of information about the jacket is that it was made in England. If you want, you can get an exact replica that will come with a certificate.

Or you could go online and shop for a brown leather jacket that looks just like Indy’s. 


We see from the jackets discussed above that the clothes do make a man. They help people see you as you want them to see you. All the jackets mentioned above served a purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Find out the jacket that represents your personality and character and show it off.


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