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Two picture-perfect islands – Seychelles and Bali! One is an African archipelago consisting of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, and the other is an Indonesian province in Southeast Asia, surrounded by the Bali Sea. Every year thousands of tourists visit these places so that their time of life is over! If you also want to be one of them but are confused as to who you choose for your next journey, then here is an article to help you. Book your flight with Southwest Airlines Reservations now to make your next holiday to Seychelles or Bali.


Both Seychelles and Bali have a similar type of weather, with slight month-to-month fluctuations. Lying very close to the equator, they experience a moderate climate throughout the year with high humidity of about 80% and hardly any extremes of temperature. The average year-round temperature in Seychelles is about 27 degrees Celsius, while in Bali it is 30 degrees Celsius. The two lands do not have separate summer or winter seasons, but rather dry and wet seasons. 

The wet season in Seychelles is between November to February, while in Bali it is between October to March. The best months to visit Seychelles would be June to August because these are the coldest and driest months of the year and for Bali, these are April to June and September, not only because these are dry and sunny months, but also because it Relatively short-lived congestion in this period with low housing rates. However, both places can expect some rain at any time of the year.

Local transport in Seychelles is also expensive. A chaotic car in Bali will cost around USD 40 for 8-10 hours, in Seychelles, it will cost USD 90. However, the cost of the activities says that water sports, entry fees for various tourist attractions are more or less the same in both. Places. So about the total cost, Bali wins.


Both Seychelles and Bali are considered relatively safe and peaceful places compared to most other countries in the world. The crime index, calculated from the criminal records of the past few years, shows that the Seychelles score is 36.93, while Bali’s score is 45.80 on a scale of 0 to 100 where 0 means the crime level is very low and 100’s Meaning high crime level.

However, safe does not mean that one can be negligent. In fact, crime levels have been increasing in both Seychelles and Bali in recent years and therefore some basic precautions need to always be taken such as not carrying large amounts of cash and valuables, being around, being vigilant at all times, dark And avoiding deserted places in the evening, avoiding conflict and avoiding, following safety instructions at the beaches and not going far in the open sea, carrying basic first aid and medicines, well-charged cell phones with good Being well connected, etc. can also help in getting travel insurance. Any unfortunate event occurs.

Passenger Type 

This does not mean that Bali is a bad place for couples as a whole. Above all, it depends on what your two interests are. Look at the ‘Activities’ section to see which place is good, and make a decision accordingly. So it can be inconvenient for families with children or elderly parents. In such places, it may be difficult to obtain any assistance if necessary. Therefore, Bali is a better option for families. But in Seychelles, those places can also be avoided, and there are plenty of hotels and resorts that are family-friendly that provide babysitting and entertainment options for young children, and for older children and teenagers too, Just like Bali.

Again for solo travelers, it depends on what the person wants to see and experience on the trip. If anyone is interested in spending a lazy day in a peaceful environment, then Seychelles should be an option. Be prepared to be surrounded by couples, however, this is a top honeymoon destination. Quickly book a flight ticket from Southwest Reservations now and enjoy visiting Seychelles or Bali.

Related to Nature

Its pristine beaches are among the best in the world with palm trees, white sand, and pale blue water. The beaches in Bali, on the other hand, are largely overrated. Both places have some amazing hiking trails, but the people of Seychelles are very few in height. The beaches are the main attraction of Seychelles. However, Bali finds favor among those who are keen to explore the beaches as well as the mountains.

Seychelles Island is a great place for hopping; Each island has its own distinct taste, and you can experience it on a single trip. Giant creatures such as the Aldabra Turtle, Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher, the strange but interesting Coco de Mer, Jellyfish Tree, etc. are found only in Seychelles in the world and can be seen in various national parks, gardens and marine parks. Flora and fauna also have their share in Bali, but they can be easily seen in other South-East Asian countries.

Shopping and Nightlife

If you are a party animal, then Bali is the place! It has bars, nightclubs, and lounges to suit various pockets and interests. Every night of the week is enough to party in Bali. Nightlife in Seychelles, on the other hand, is a less important case. If you like to do a lot of shopping on your holiday, Bali wins over Seychelles any day. Shopping in Seychelles is inversely associated with small local markets selling souvenirs.


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