Prepare for Winter 2021-2022 With These Dressing Tips

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Saying goodbye to warm and sunny summers was hard, but all seasons come to an end eventually. Now, autumn adorns the skies, and fallen leaves on the streets add color to the scenery. The weather is chilly enough to make us feel cozy already, but don’t get too comfortable in your home just yet, because you still have to prepare for winter.

The cold temperature tends to sneak up fast, and it is best to prepare for them before it arrives. Hence, if you are up in your bed at night and planning your winter outfits already, we have the perfect guide to help you decide on your winter wardrobe. Here, we will discuss some tips that will help you prepare for the chilly weather, helping you stay warm while looking chic.

1. Layer Without Hiding 

There will be cold days when you just want to layer yourself in sweaters and jackets. But nowhere does it say that layering means that you must hide the inner pieces. In fact, layering can sometimes work perfectly to mute down loud prints with basic and muted jackets. However, instead of hiding that bright, loud print, just let it display by leaving the sweaters and jacket open. Showing a little color and glitter underneath will give your outfit a very chic look.

2. Leave Your Sweats Behind 

We understand that you don’t ever want to give up the comfort and convenience of loungewear. But you have to leave those sweats behind for the sake of style. Instead, you can opt for fashion and comfort by selecting the best plus size jeans or baggy khaki pants available in your closet. They will be loose, comfortable, and easy on your skin. But at the same time, they will give you a sleek and fashionable look that will help you rock your winter outfits.

3. Ditch The Basics

The versatility and comfort of using basic colors and designs have their own charm. However, it is not the most suitable option if you want to express your personality through your style. Therefore, if you refuse to blend in with the crowd anymore and wish to showcase your aesthetics to the world, then ditch the basics. For example, instead of opting for the beige or black coat, reach out for the fun and playful prints instead. However, when you wear a printed topcoat or trench coat, you must remember to make it the star of the show. In that case, instead of wearing bright colors and prints underneath, opt for something neutral that highlights your coat even more.

4. Mix And Match 

The cold drafts and snowy days are all about layering your clothes for warmth and comfort. However, who says that warmth doesn’t come with style. All you have to do is be clever about your layering choices and go from there. For example, if you are choosing to adorn yourself in shirts, sweaters, jackets, and scarves of mixed prints, then layer them in the same color scheme. While the prints will stand out from each other, the color scheme will create harmony among the pieces, making you look more put together and stylish than before.

5. Try Out Neckerchiefs  

Turtleneck and high collars look fabulous underneath layers of clothes. But if you don’t live in a particularly cold area, then they can make you feel a bit warmer than you would like. Therefore, to avoid getting all heated up under the layers for the sake of style and have it hinder your productivity, invest in neckerchiefs. A neckerchief is a small scarf tucked in the shirt to create the same effect as that of a turtleneck sweater. It will add the chic element to your outfit without the risk of overheating and sweating under the clothes.

6. Add Creative Elements 

While the traditional layering staples feel comfortable when you layer your clothes on the drafty mornings, you can still stand out by adding one creative and unique piece. While we previously discussed prints and colors, you can add the same effect by wearing a vest over the shirt, a corset, or a crop top over a turtleneck sweater. The combination will look stylish and keep you warm at the same time. The untraditional addition will add a surprisingly pleasant effect to your outfit.

7. Don’t Forget The Colors

Winters are typically all about dark and neutral shades. They usually range from white, beige, brown, grey, and black. But adding just a small colorful piece can provide a bright contrast against the dull neutrals. So you don’t have to wear a loud sweater or shirt. A bright-colored scarf of a funky bag is an easy way to add a stylish element to your style.

8. Formalize Your Comfort Zone 

While sweatpants and leggings are considered the ultimate comfort wear, they don’t have to be informal all the time. In fact, you can opt to wear leggings instead of pants to add a comfortable layer to your outfit. However, to formalize it, wear a structured shirt or a jacket to look more outdoorsy.

In addition to that, you can make your most formal outfits look fun and chic by adding a comfortable yet bright twist to them. For example, got a suit in the closet you don’t want to wear anymore? Pair the formal pants with a sweater and hoodie and your jacket and shirt with your colorful striped leggings. It will make your outfit stand out more while allowing you to utilize every piece in your closet. Therefore, don’t let that beautiful formal suit and jackets go to waste, and simply pair them with your favorite bright stretchy wear.

Winters are all about warmth and comfort. But it doesn’t mean that warmth should come at the expense of dullness. You don’t have to bow down to traditional winter apparel. Adding your fun and creative twist to the outfit can help you showcase your style and aesthetics. They will add to your personality and give you a charm that the basics can’t provide anymore. Hence, don’t be afraid of colors, prints, and formal pieces anymore. If you put your mind to it, we are sure that you can find a way to utilize every piece in your wardrobe and look chic while you do that.


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