Seven Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Mattress Steam Cleaning

Mattress Steam Cleaning
Mattress Steam Cleaning

It is important to keep your home clean, but people mostly neglect the mattresses when cleaning important objects of the home, they spend all of their energy and budget on the carpets and the upholstery cleaning. It is equally important to keep mattresses clean and preferably use the mattress steam cleaning method. A mattress is the most important object of the room; you can only get a sound sleep when the mattress is free from the dust and bacteria. A dirty mattress is a health risk; that’s why it’s essential to know how long does a mattress last. We are going to discuss some mistakes which people make when cleaning their mattresses. 

How mattress makes you sick

According to surveys, we are spending 1/3rd of our life sleeping on the mattress, what if they are not clean? Well, many diseases start from dirty mattresses. Especially when the mattress’s age is above ten years, it becomes the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. There are several chemicals in the mattress, including formaldehyde, polyurethane, and boric acid, which could negatively affect your health condition. People suffering from allergies need to take extra care and protect themselves from the germs and bacteria present on the mattress. 

Sickbed syndrome

You should know that your bed may be the cause of your sickness. If there are many dust mites and allergens on the mattress, it may lead to a health issue named sickbed syndrome. We shed dead skin cells while we are sleeping on the mattress. Some even think that the dust mites present on the mattresses are safe, but their feces could lead to allergic problems. The best way to stay away from all these diseases is by getting help from Mattress Cleaning Melbourne. We are going to discuss some common mistakes which people make while cleaning their mattresses. 

Don’t use water for mattress cleaning 

Mattress Steam Cleaners can effectively remove all the stains from your mattress. This method uses steam to get rid of the stains and dust particles from the mattress. Spillage is also common on the mattress when you have small kids or pets, people often use water to remove these stains, which is not a good idea, when the mattress becomes wet, and it becomes the breeding ground for molds and other germs. The mattress upholstery is also damaged when you are using water for cleaning it.

Beating mattress

It is well known that the mattress contains a lot of bugs and dust, which could lead to serious health issues, especially for the people suffering from breathing issues like asthma. However, some homeowners try to clean their mattresses by beating them. Mattress steam cleaning is way more effective for thoroughly cleaning the mattress. Use professional help, and these services would use modern machinery for cleaning your mattress. 

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuuming the mattress regularly is important, but the problem is that people mostly use normal cleaners for vacuuming the mattress. The multi-purpose cleaners which people mostly use for the mattresses are good for the floor and carpet but not good for the mattress. 

Manufacturer’s guidelines

It is also important to consider the manufacturer’s guidelines while cleaning the mattress, strictly following their instructions, or damaging your mattress. 

Cleaning products

The cleaning product used for the cleaning should be gentle. If you use harsh chemicals, they will destroy the upholstery of the mattress; make sure that you are using a cleaner as prescribed by the manufacturer or after considering the type of your mattress. You can also get in touch with the manufacturer and ask about the cleaning product suitable for the mattress. 


It is important to select the best team in your area for the cleaning of the mattress. Generally, it is recommended to use mattress steam cleaning services for the cleaning of the mattress. People mostly don’t do the needed research about the cleaners and select services with no prior experience of cleaning the mattress. It is important to inquire about the cleaning process and the equipment they are going to use for the mattress cleaning. 


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