The benefits of a surf leash

surf leash

Over the past year, hundreds of thousands of Australians have been trapped inside, away from water and virus. Although now, all of that is changing with the new vaccinations coming in and everybody taking the vaccines on time. People can finally go out with their surf leash and surfboards and get into the water to ride some sick waves.

What are the benefits of using a leash?

The benefits of using a leash do not stop with the basic idea of chasing after your surfboard after losing it in the water. There are many benefits to using such a device. First, what it can do is ensure that your board doesn’t get too far away from you, which can be a very dangerous occurrence if it happens in slightly deeper waters. The benefits of using a surf leash do not stop there. More often than not, every surfer at some point in time has had to bear witness to the painful loss of their board due to rocks or some other kind of outside interference. By using a surf leash, every average surfer and newbie on the water has a better chance of keeping their boards safe and away from the rocky waters. It not only saves the surfers’ money, but it also saves their boards, preventing one of the most painful heartbreaks of their lives.

How to choose a surf leash?

The next logical question that arises is how a person should pick the surf leash that they will use for a major part of their lives. Numerous factors go into picking a surf leash, and it is not an easy process. Here, first, the person must take into account the length of the surf leash that they are willing to use. A leash that is too short can hinder performance capabilities and be an unnecessary drain on the aesthetic and mindset of the surfer, being a constant reminder that something is tugging on their leg. 

A leash that is too long can be practically useless because the purpose of attaching a leash is to maintain some sort of control over the surfer’s board and having a leash that is too long physically prevents the surfer from maintaining control of their board. Thus, when a person goes out to buy a leash, they need to sit there and try it to get an accurate measurement of where and how it would feel on the water and if this feeling is something that gives them a sense of confidence.

Most professional surfers feel that when they have their leash attached, it gives them some sort of sense of empowerment, which helps them feel as though they could shred the toughest of waves and take on a tsunami. 

The best thing about a surf leash is the reliability that comes with it. No matter what kind of wave or what kind of fall a surfer takes, in the end, their board will still be right there attached to their leg. Another massive factor that needs to be taken into account when a person buys their leash is that they need to think about the style of cuff that comes with it. There are several styles, and each style is customizable to suit the needs of the surfer. Hence, when a surfer goes out to buy a leash, they must look for these things to help elevate their entire experience.


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