The best sights in Switzerland

If you think that Switzerland is nothing more than clocks, cheese and financial bankers, maybe it’s time to visit. If you want to know why you want to use this approach, let us answer one or two questions in your mind.

No, Switzerland is not just skiing or skiing on the slopes of the Alps. Yes, they make the best chocolate in the world. On its own, this may be enough reason to board an airplane without deep meditation. Apart from the chocolate factory, do you have other places? Yes, there is.

Check out these amazing attractions in Switzerland and you will be able to buy tickets soon.

Verzasca Valley, De Sarthe Bridge

Is there anything exciting about a medieval bridge built more than four hundred years ago? Only if it is the Ponte Dei Salti bridge in Valle Verzasca, Switzerland. To literally translate Salti into English means to jump. Sounds interesting, right?

In addition to the huge Valle Verzasca rock formation, the unusual shape of the double arches makes them a great object for photography, but the fact that puts it firmly on the list is that you can jump into the clear water from the bridge, under. . It is only ten meters high and does not provide bungee cords, so it is a real adrenaline surge.

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When to go: If you plan to jump off the bridge, go when the water has a chance to warm up. Late spring to summer is the best time, but when the weather permits, prepare for some crowds. This is a popular place.

Tip: If you don’t like heights, you might need to think twice. This is a long autumn.

Gruyeres Castle

If you have ever imagined standing on the wall of a medieval castle and pretending to be a knight in shiny armor or a girl in distress, then you must visit the Gruyeres Castle in Gruyeres, Switzerland. This nearly 800-year-old building looks like something from a fairy tale, but its long history is enough to make your blood boil.

As you explore the interior of the castle, the display of the mummy’s hands will make you feel completely frustrated. Yes, this is true, but no one knows who belongs to whom or where the rest of the body is. When you roam the battlefield, consider the amazing mountain scenery it brings. If you add cheese, you will not be able to imagine it. Gruyères is also known for making very delicious versions.

When to go: If you like castles with snow powder, go to winter, but it is very windy. The best time to visit is spring and summer, when the temperature may exceed freezing point and the flowers on the mountain are in full bloom. It can be crowded on weekends, so if you can, visit Gruyere Castle from Monday to Friday.You also need Best Laptop For Photo Editing Under 1000.

Tip: In Gruyères, don’t miss the HR Giger Museum, which was built for artists who created foreign objects in the movie Alien. Its apocalyptic art will appeal to any sci-fi fan, and if you walk in for a drink, so will the surreal interior of the adjacent Giger Bar.

Kandersteg Marine Lake

If you want someone to walk, ask them to visit the Swiss Ocean Lake. There is no better or cleaner picnic place than the pine forest beach in this huge water.

Sounds too smart for you? It won’t. In addition to being an important area for cross-country skiing when the ground is snowing, this mountain site is also located at an altitude of 1,500 meters. Rotate on the cable car and then return to the toboggan run. This is the longest and most terrifying journey of your life.

When to go: If you want to participate in winter sports, please do not go in spring or summer. In winter, the lake freezes and you can ski, hike or freeze fish for dinner. The warmer months are best for hiking.

Expert tip: If you plan to hike or hike around Lake Oeschinen, be sure to wear the correct shoes. You will need it. There are small mountain huts on the trail, where you can rest or escape the natural scenery if necessary.

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