To Develop An Ecommerce Marketplace like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay

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The one and only dream for any budding entrepreneur who is planning to enter the online business is to build a website like Amazon, alibaba or eBay. Because these ecommerce leaders have already set a milestone in their business path and they have been an inspiring fact for many upcoming entrepreneurs. At this point we need to analyze further about the reasons behind their success and should work on it to get ourselves there.

 Ecommerce Growing In Popularity

Recent survey states that the number of e-shoppers are steadily increasing year by year and people have a lot of trust on online shopping as they have experienced the comfort and flexibility by using them. Websites like amazon, alibaba and eBay have clearly understood the customer’s behavior and they never fail to impress their customers through timely offers and discounts. They have gained a major share in the ecommerce industry and this is one of the reasons that we all want to build websites like amazon, alibaba and eBay.

Things to consider while building a website like Amazon or alibaba or ebay

The major concentration is needed while developing the ecommerce website. Do not be lethargic in the development process. Always give high priority for the below mentioned factors that will help your website to be more like amazon or alibaba or eBay.

·         Getting the right platform for your website is the basic prerequisite for building a site like amazon, alibaba or ebay. The platform will determine the functionality and the performance of the website. It is better to go for an open source ecommerce development platform like Magento, prestashop that can give you extraordinary features.

·         The real output relies on the development team. The team should possess experts in relevant areas and they should know to develop an error website. So focus on the development team.

·         Never forget to test your site before you move them live. You can improve the site performance through the testing process. Once the site is live it is open to all and anyone can view the site. So the site should be error-free when it is live.

·         Analyze your target audience and pitch your website by focusing them alone initially. This will give you genuine traffic and proper leads that can be converted to sales in later processes.

The essential infrastructure to build a website like amazon, alibaba or ebay

●   Support

The factor of delighting your customers mainly relies on how far you extend your support to them. It can be a delayed product delivery or even a damaged product has been delivered. Always be more responsive to their queries and ensure them that they will get the right product on right time.

●   Security

Payment transaction is the main aspect for any ecommerce website. Customers always prefer to do transactions with sites that are highly secured. If they don’t trust then the transaction will not happen.

●   Logistics

Delivering the product on time is the foremost expectation of any customer. This mainly depends on the logistics you hire. Ensure that you have signed with the genuine and reliable logistics.

●   Product Data

Make sure that all products that are displayed in your website have enough product description. Products that lack in description have lots of chances to be sold. With the available product data you need to provide the related product description for the customers.

Essential eCommerce Website Features

 The ecommerce website should have all the below mentioned features as they are the basic features and this will help you to build a multi vendor marketplace website like amazon, alibaba and ebay.

  • Multi-language & multicurrency
  • Proper order and stock management
  • Perfectly SEO optimized
  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Reliable shipping and logistics
  • Unlimited products & categories with bulk upload
  • Easy & simple checkout process
  • Push notifications
  • Reasonable offers and seasonal discounts
  • Reports & analytics
  • Tax & invoice management
  • Dedicated dashboards for sellers & admin
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Social media integration

By making sure that your website has all the above mentioned features, your ecommerce store becomes like amazon, alibaba and ebay.

Think one step ahead to build a website like amazon, alibaba and ebay

Always have a future vision about your ecommerce store. There are possibilities of expanding your business and at that time your ecommerce website should be capable of holding the upgradation. Always have a scalable website that can allow you to expand more and more and you can have complete control of the data that is available in the site.

Make sure that your site is easily customizable. You cannot have the same theme and design for a long time as people will easily get bored so it is very important to show some changes in design and outlook then and there. Get feedback from your customer and understand what they exactly want from your website and then frame it again according to their needs.

Understand that this world is for mobile users and the whole world comes inside their palm. This is why mobile apps are gaining more attention nowadays. If you want to become like amazon, alibaba or ebay then you need to have a dedicated mobile app for your ecommerce site. This will help you to acquire more new customers to your business.

Make your presence on all social media platforms as they play a remarkable role in terms of promotion. You can post banners regarding your new arrivals and offers. Social media will help you to reach your target audience in a very short time and you can expect some good sales and great turn over through social media channels. Also invest more on digital marketing and have a clear analysis on your investments.


More dedication and effort is needed to build a website like amazon, alibaba or ebay. Success never comes easily. You need to have a proper plan and should work hard to survive in the market. Always keep an eye on your competitors and know what strategy they are using so that you are ahead of them.


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