Top Abysmal Netflix Cartoons

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let’s talk Netflix since it first began Netflix has been releasing more and more quality animation every year but for every four beautiful innovative cartoons We’ve gotten from them one cheap sellout abysmal cartoon will pop up So let’s check out three more abysmal Netflix cartoons And of course if you do like these cartoons , that’s great It’s just my silly personal opinion And if you have your own thoughts on these cartoons, I’d love to hear about in the comments. But let me tell you that these type of cartoons are also available on cartoon crazy and many sites that are easily available on internet for free.

Anyway onto the countdown number three the Lego friends. Well that just sounds like a promising title for us. Doesn’t it? You can tell it’s fun because it’s Lego and apparently even if the girls look Absolutely Nothing like Lego they’re apparently still LEGO Friends Like our friends is about a group of teenage girls that are not made of Lego seriously What the hell they go on such epic journeys as getting their hair done by a hair celebrity ”Ugh,this is awful”. 

But oh no their hairstyles on fashionable or not. The hairstyles look fine They look lovely all with animation. Looks like it belongs in a mobile app game that’s trying to scare me I keep feeling like a message box should be popping up every few seconds asking me to pay $10 to get twice the friendship points, like our friends isn’t harmful to young girls in this message But I can’t help but feel like this show exists only to sell the lego brand to girls without any lego actually in the show And is this really all the depth Lego is willing to offer a younger girls? 

We’re talking about a Multi-million dollar company here is this cheap mobile app sitcom flash Animation the best they can do just putting Lego in any sentence just suddenly make it marketable Most episodes feel like a rush sitcom episode combined with a lackluster consumerous teenage drama personally I instead recommend teenage girls check out shows like miraculous ladybug My Little Pony or Kim Possible these kind of shows credit young ladies with considerably more depth than their characters and stories LEGO Friends the other hand has all the depth of a dried-out puddle and the number 2 EB well Alleluia well LEM. 

Yeah. We’re Lala loopsy these Frankenstein crafts table rejects look a bit like the nightmare mother from Coraline how these things at all kid-friendly Lalala, see was actually based on a toy line of rag dolls back in 2010 The world of lucy is made up of these Creepy Polly Pocket Nightmare look-alikes as they go about their hundred tasks even in the trailer The narrator sounds is uninvested. As I am. These creative cuties are bringing the magic. No big deal, right? It’s a very big deal. 

This guy’s literally paid to make the show sound exciting yet Even he can’t put enthusiasm into his voice. It’s not exactly a hard story to follow the story Is that the lalala pieces have fun in the Lalaloopsy land? That’s is the entire summary of the story. They might do arts and crafts or stack up pancakes how is this drab pile man to pull kids attention away from the mobile YouTube app on their phone interestingly quite a lot of Lalaloopsy ended up being uploaded to YouTube I almost wonder if this cartoon was made purely to try and aid the creepy surprise egg play. Doh Nursery Rhyme spider-man amalgamation of horror does YouTube’s algorithm, but instead they seem to have Dramatically failed to capture any attention at all In fact, I actually seem to be the first critic to ever review this cartoon ever hooray. 

This is my greatest achievement since my fluorine got stuck in the fridge in second grade and the number one Abysmal, Netflix cartoon is boss baby back in business I’m probably alone on this opinion, but I just don’t understand all the great reviews for this one I personally found it up his mol√©. Particularly for DreamWorks. I mean, they brought us troll hunters and Dragons race to the edge Apparently since one movie of an awkward cringe-worthy concept wasn’t enough We had to be given a full-on TV series of gurgling wailing vomiting infants What is so wonderful for all ages about a TV series that makes me feel nauseous After watching half an episode despite this. 

I suppose the cartoon did take a lot of the good cartoon requirements The animation is crisp and at the high standard of the DreamWorks TV series and much of the voice acting is simply superb More than puppies more than kittens babies get 10 times more loved than the competition when I hear boss baby’s voice I just think wow It’s a tragedy that the talented JP collie ACK is talking out of this one-trick pony infant joke It just feels like a waste of talent From as many episodes. 

As I could stomach the story seems to be that boss baby runs a secret, baby run Organization called baby Corp that tries to keep babies looking more cute than other animals but since the movie was about dogs being cuter the great twist in this series is that cats are now seen as cuter has that ever really been an issue that the dog gets priority over your child Oh, Fun fact cats are actually seen as cubed by humans as their facial proportions are quite similar to that of a human infants So the infant always kind of gets priority on the cuteness scale Anyway, boss baby and Timmy work together as the brothers teach one another about business and family. 

They have to stop the evil villain who was a weird vet cat man named Bootsie who likes himself raised back in Who’s trying to help cats be cute? Oh, okay. This is really stupid. I’m sorry I just can’t find Naurang drooling whooping screaming infants funny or not Supremely awkward to watch for twenty five minutes straight I admit Timmy does bring a sense of relatability and compassion to his role and the family message is serviceable If a little cliche, but the problem is is that nothing can save the fact that we’re watching such a stupid concept I was over the awkward trope of babies acting like adults about two seconds after it started in 1995 I personally find boss baby back in business a abysmal Netflix cartoon I should point out though that these bad cartoon lists some Netflix getting suffered by the year has even Netflix’s Lowest rated animated shows are miles more Sophisticated creative and intelligent than shows like Peppa Pig or Dora the Explorer on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Animators are mostly helping to set that new high standard for modern animation.


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