Ultimate Warzone Payload Guide: Best Loadouts, Tips & Tricks to Win

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Call of duty warzone is counted among the most loved games worldwide. The new update of payload mode released in July 2021 made this game even more exciting. The game has become objective-oriented and more fun to play with recent updates. 

Today, we bring to you some of the best tips that you can follow to excel in this mode. You can also look at safe warzone hacks to further increase your lethality. 

Best Loadouts 

The combination of AR and SMG is the most viable in the game. Also, sniper rifles like the K-31 can give you some additional kills. There are other weapons like C-58 and MAC-10, which are very dangerous in mid to close range.

Using these weapons, you can kill your enemies swiftly, and you can move ahead with your objective. While C-58 is a medium-range weapon that effectively kills undercover enemies, MAC-10 can quickly take out enemies in close range. It has an explosive rate of fire that can hinder any enemy in a few clicks.

You can keep switching between these weapons, depending on your role. If you are defending, you would want to have a sniper rifle to kill your enemy before he can even come close. You would like an excellent close-range weapon to eliminate any enemy hiding near the payload if you are attacking.

Perks You Can Get

You get several in-game bonuses once you make a certain amount of kills. They are EOD, overkill, and battle-hardened. They all get activated once you make quick and continuous killings; they offer you additional points and cash at the end of the game so you can purchase different items.

This mode is similar to the multiplayer mode, so you toss around grenades and stuns when moving ahead to your objective.

Also, if you can endure the grenade’s impact or reduce the stunning period, it will result in a higher number of kills and keep moving to your objective.

Field Upgrades

There are mainly two field upgrades available in the game that you can use: the Trophy system and Dead silence. When you are attacking, you should keep the trophy system in your payload as it activates the kill streaks quickly, and you can gain some additional points.

If you are defending in the payload mode, you should keep the dead silence perk with you as it will give you an edge over the enemy by hiding your movements. You will be able to move more swiftly and safely to your objective.

These field upgrades are not only an excellent way to get more kills, but they will also provide you with extra cash at the end of the game.

Attacking Strategies to Use

While you are attacking, the best strategy is to kill your enemy who is protecting the payload rather than try to take control of the payload. And if you are willing to take things a step ahead, you can activate the recon contact base. 

It will need you to stay near the machine for some time, and then it will reward you with killstreaks or cash that you can use to buy weapons, armors, or ammo. These purchases will later help you in the game to effectively attack your enemies without worrying about damage.

You would also need to use weapons like MAC 10 in close range to kill your enemies quickly while attacking as it has the best fire rate in all of the weapons available.

Defensive Strategies

You should kill the enemies advancing to stop your payload from moving when you are on the defensive side. Also, it would be best if you blocked your enemies from coming too close to your positions as it will create pressure on you, and you will be susceptible to the grenades.

When you are far away from your payload, you can adopt other ways to counter your enemies. You can use grenades or stuns to neutralize and incapacitate your enemy. 

Also, you can create blockades so that your enemies first have to destroy them before advancing. You can also erect towers to get an elevation, and then you can recon the area and use a sniper rifle to take them out.


Use these tips as mentioned above and tricks to become a pro at the game of Call of Duty: Warzone. Happy playing!


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