Ways To Speed Up A Slow Internet Service

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It must be truly frustrating to wait for your video to load in 2020. With so many technological advancements, this problem must have already been solved. Unfortunately, it has not been yet, which is why you need to find alternative solutions to your slow internet. So, here is what you can do to speed up your internet easily. 

Figure Out How Many People Are Using Your Internet

You might have a Den broadband service or an ACT service and still have slow internet. If many people in your household are using their own devices at the same time, your net is bound to slow down and become dodgy. The consumption of bandwidth on their part can be interrupting your streaming service. However, you cannot disconnect every other device in your house for your benefit. So, consider forming a schedule so that everyone at home gets their screen time. Investigate if large files are being automatically downloaded onto your devices. This can slow down the speed of your internet. 

Check for Interferences

Wireless networks are not immune to disturbances. Sometimes, this hindrance might be as simple as a thick wall blocking the waves. Some common interferences include other Wifi networks, Bluetooth devices, radio-based equipment, your television, and thick walls and metals. Start looking out for these items and remove them or change their position so that they do not interfere with your internet connection.

Change Your Router’s Location

If your router is picking up dust in some corner of your house, then you are likely to experience bad internet. So, try changing your router’s location to someplace where it is in close range to all the devices that you use. By keeping the router in a close and optimal location, you can access an uninterrupted network. This trick might lead you to move around and experiment a little, but it is a cost-free solution and will help you reach the goal. 

Remove Unwanted Users

Though it is slightly unlikely, your network might have some unwanted users. If you have a broad range of bandwidth, someone close to your location could have cracked your password and started using your connection. Although we would like to give people the benefit of doubt, a free network connection is saving them loads of money. To solve this problem, keep routinely changing your login details and passwords. Although it might be a hassle to update this on all your devices, it is worth it to have a secure network connection. 

Update Your Apps

Although you might have not considered this, you should probably be updating your streaming apps regularly. Though apps usually update themselves, there might be some poorly-functioning versions of applications that are consuming too much data. As software is constantly evolving, keep a check on whether your streaming services and other apps are up to date. 

Pre-Download Your Content

This is a slightly unconventional method of speeding up your internet. Consider downloading the content you want to watch beforehand so that you can have a seamless experience when you get to watch what you want. If you have subscribed to steaming apps or websites that have downloadable content, then you should do so when you have functional internet. 

Use an Ethernet Cable

An ethernet cable will provide any device with a direct connection to your broadband network. If you need a better and stronger connection, buy an ethernet cable and connect it to your device for a stable internet connection. You can also find ethernet ports on your smart TV and several other devices. 

Perform A Speed Test

Your internet package might be a steal, but it is always better to check on how fast your internet is functioning. There are several ways to check the performance of your network. Try websites such as Speedtest and Fast for instant results. Compare these results to the ideal speed that you need for your device and activities. If it is unsatisfactory, then consider consulting your internet service provider or switching to another company. 

Update Your Equipment

Your slow internet might be due to outdated equipment. Check your modem to see what its maximum speed is. If you have moved on to another internet service provider with an old modem, then you might experience slow network speeds. Also, check your router to make sure that it is running at an optimal speed. Then, check your adapter or receiver to see if it needs an upgrade. 

Change Your Service Plan 

You might be enrolled in Den broadband plans of ACT plans, but maybe it is time to change. By exploring various other broadband plans and comparing prices and quality, you can save up on money and time while improving your internet speed.


A lot of the above-mentioned tips are easy to perform to get faster internet. It is best to find the root of your internet problems and get them fixed, as you deserve the speed and quality that you signed up for. 


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