What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Male Infertility?

A diagnosis of infertility means that after a year of trial you could not get pregnant. If you’re a woman over 35, that means that after 6 months of trying you couldn’t get pregnant. You can opt male infertility treatment in chennai.

Women who can conceive, but do not bear a pregnancy, can also be diagnosed with infertility.

A woman who could never get pregnant will be diagnosed with primary infertility. A woman who has been pregnant with at least one pregnancy in the past is diagnosed with secondary infertility.

Infertility is not only the question of a woman. Men may also be infertile. In fact, men and women have fertility problems equally.

According to the Women’s HealthTrusted Source Office, about 1/3 of infertility can be attributed to female infertility, while men ‘s problems represent another 3/3 of infertility.

The remainder of these cases can be caused by a male and female infertility combination or by no known cause.

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Causes of male infertility

In general, infertility in men is related to the following issues: 

  • Good sperm development 
  • Sperm count
  • The sperm shape 
  • Sperm flow, which involves both the sperm movement itself and the sperm transport through the tubes of the male reproductive system 
  • There are a number of risk factors, medications and drugs that can influence fertility.

Risk factors

Infertility-related risk factors in men include, but are not limited to:

  • Elderly generation 
  • Cigarettes Addiction 
  • High drug use 
  • Overweight or overweight 
  • Toxin use, including pesticides , herbicides and heavy metals 
  • Conditions Health

For example, male infertility can cause medical conditions:

  • Backward Ejaculation 
  • Varicocele or vein swelling around the testicles 
  • Testicles not dropping into the scrotum 
  • Have antibodies that strike and kill the sperm 
  • Hormonal imbalance, such as low development of testosterone 
  • Medications and medications 
  • Different medicines and medications may also affect male fertility, for example: 
  • Chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer 
  • Sulfasalazine, used for rheumatoid arthritis(RA) or ulcerative colitis(UC) (Azulfidine EN-Tabs), 
  • Blockers for calcium channels used in high blood pressure 
  • Antidepressants tricyclic 
  • Anabolic steroids used to enhance athletic performance or hormonal problems such as delayed puberty 
  • Recreational medications include marijuana and cocaine.

The bottom line

Any or even a combination of these factors can lead to men’s infertility. Read about male infertility symptoms.

Causes of female infertility

A variety of factors that influence or interfere with the following biological processes may cause female infertility: 

  • Ovulation when an ovary releases the mature egg 
  • Fertilization happens after passing via the uterus and cervix when the sperm reaches the egg in the fallopian tube. 
  • Implantation that occurs when a fertilized egg sticks to the uterine lining, then it grows and develops into an infant. 

Factors of risk

Risk factors for infertility among women include: 

  • Gender rise 
  • Cigarettes Addiction 
  • High drug use 
  • overweight, obese or significantly underweight 
  • having certain sexually transmitted infections ( STIs) which can affect the reproductive system 
  • Conditions Health 
  • The female reproductive system can be affected by different medical conditions and cause infertility in women.

Examples include:

  • Disorders of ovulation that can be caused by PCOS or hormonal imbalances 
  • Inflammatory pelvic disorder (IPD) 
  • Endometriotic diagnosis 
  • Fibroids of the uterus 
  • Ovarian premature failure 
  • Scarring from an earlier procedure 
  • Medications and medications

Some medicines and medicines that can cause infertility of women include: 

  • Radiation treatment or chemotherapy 
  • Non-inflammatory high-dose long-term use (NSAIDS), such as aspirin (Bayer) and ibuprofen ( Advil, Motrin) 
  • Psychotic antipsychotic medications 
  • Recreational medications include marijuana and cocaine

The bottom line

According to the service, about a quarter of the infertility issues in couples was caused by ovulation issues. There are two signs that a woman does not ovulate during an abnormal or absent period. You can opt for infertility treatment in chennai.

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