What’s a Lightning Protection System?

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Using electricity is much common nowadays. in this era, one cannot dare to live without power connection for a few hours also as lives depend on a variety of devices that can run with power only. Though devices are designed in a way that user can stay safe while using it, one must have an earthing or grounding at home or factory which can help the machines and lives stay protected in case of power fluctuation or lightening. The power of electricity is tremendous and it may take a few seconds only to short the devices or burn a human body also. 

A lightning safety product is a passive way of stopping property damage from a lightning hit. It operates by providing a path of least resistance to the ground with the electric charge that is cloud generated. You will find four primary areas of a correctly fitted super safety system: copper atmosphere terminals, copper cable, copper-clad soil rods, and rise suppressors.

The air terminals, as well as cable, are copper, but often they could be aluminum. Many of the atmosphere terminals are attached via the cable with no less than two ground rods buried ten feet below grade. This product will be grounded to both water pipes and also the existing ground of the circuit package. The surge suppressor could be hooked up to the breaker package to cover the whole electric system, or maybe they may be positioned at specific appliances or even electronics.

LSV aims to make the device of lightning protection as discreet as possible.

The expert companies try to help make the lightning safety system as inconspicuous it can be.

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Generally, the only issues apparent on the lightning safety device would be the air terminals, 10″ 12″ copper rods, on the fireplace, and roof ridges. If the method is usually to be placed on a current building, every attempt is created to conceal the copper cable.

If it is difficult to cover the copper wire, it would be less visible as it weathers and transitions from shiny orange to a dull patina.

Parts of a lightning safety method

Lightning rods or’ air terminals’ are just a tiny section of an entire lightning protection program. In reality, the rods might play probably the least important role in a method installation. By three primary components, a lightning safety system is composed:

  • Rods – The little, vertical lumps created to serve as the’ terminal’ for lightning. Rods could be discovered in shapes that are different, designs, and sizes. The functionality of different forms of lightning rods and rods’ necessity entirely are subjects of several medical debates.
  • Conductor Cables – Heavy wires (right) which take lightning up from the rods on the soil. Cables are operated along the tops and all around the edges of roofs, then only down one or maybe more sides of construction to the soil rod(s).
  • Ground Rods – Long, heavy, quite heavy rods buried deep into the environment around a protected framework. The conductor cables are linked to these rods to finish a secure course for a lightning discharge close to a framework.

The conductor cables and also ground rods would be the most vital parts of a lightning safety system, achieving the primary goal of diverting lightning present quickly past a structure. The’ lightning rods’ themselves, that’s, the pointy vertically oriented terminals and the tips of roofs, don’t play a lot of a job in the product’s performance. A complete safety setup, given great cable coverage and good grounding, would continue to work sufficiently minus the air terminals.

Lightning protection methods – Whatever they do and do not do

A lightning safety system’s only objective is to ensure safety to construction and its occupants if lightning appears to hit it directly, a process accomplished by offering a right, safe road to the soil for the lightning to go by. 

A lightning safety device operates without a designated road to reach terrain; a lightning strike might instead use some conductor inside a house or even building. This might have electrical lines, cable, the phone, the water, or even gas pipes, or the framework itself. Lightning usually will carry out a single or even much more of those paths to ground, occasionally leaping through the air using a side flash to attain a better-grounded conductor. 


As an outcome, lightning presents many threats to any home or perhaps building:

• Fire- Fire can begin wherever the uncovered lightning channel associates, penetrates, or maybe will come near flammable content (wood, gas pipes, paper, etc.) in construction – such as structural lumber or perhaps insulation inside roofs and walls. When lightning follows electrical wiring, it’ll often overheat or possibly vaporize the wires, setting up a flame hazard anywhere together affected circuits.

• Side flashes – Side flashes can go across areas, possibly hurting any person that appears to have the manner. They could also ignite resources such as fuel may in a garage.

• Damage to building components – Sometimes lightning produced the volatile shock wave which may blow out fragment concrete, sections of walls, and plaster.IT can also shatter nearby glass.

• Damage to gadgets – Televisions, washers, phones, and microwaves, VCRs, lamps as well as virtually anything at all plugged into an affected circuit might be damaged beyond repair. Electronic equipment and computers are particularly vulnerable.


Adding a safety system does not stop a strike, but provides it with a better, safer road to the ground. The air terminals, wires, and also ground rods work in concert to haul the enormous currents separate from the framework, which prevents most appliance damage and fire. This was all you need to know about the lightning protection services and lead a comfortable and secure life.  you must keep in mind to install the system and then enjoy a safe life. it is always a better idea to install the lightning protection system at your home and workplace so that you do not miss out on the safety of your near and dear ones. 


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