Architectural services- Residential or Commercial


It provides comprehensive architectural and engineering design services for residential, commercial, office, educational, & industrial buildings including high-rise buildings and undertakes landscaping and interior design work. The architectural services are those that include design, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration. Residential architectural services are highly provided by many companies with proper offers and packages. These services are provided to highly qualified architects who can satisfy the person with his services and use high-quality techniques. If a person chooses to work with a residential architect for a custom home one will engage an architect for both full architectural services and basic permit drawings depending on needs and budget.

Services provided by an architect and his helpers:

  • To work with an architect you have to tell all your expectations or services you need and discuss the main points which you want in your project.
  • Architects will ask you for a budget and provide you with primarily design and tell you about the merits and demerits of it. Also suggests you with the solution. 
  • Architect will tell you about the material used for it and provide you a budget list according to your requirement. He also shows you the final design made by him as you dreamt. 
  • He will prepare working models when the design concepts have been decided. 
  • He and his helpers will help to evaluate the costs and select the best contractor in this field and prepare the contract with him.
  • He will contact you and advise you at the time of construction. While you visit the sites, he will determine if construction is proceeding according to your choice.
  • He will also provide you with the daily progress reports and keeps you knowledgeable, and informs you about dues to the workers, and stays in contact with you until the project is finished.

During construction, the company with whom you signed a contract will monitor progress regularly – the frequency is based on the construction schedule and our best judgment for appropriate intervals.  This is a critical part of the process and the manager of the company strongly advocates being involved in the construction process.

They visit the site at regular intervals to meet with the Contractor and helpers to answer any questions and review progress and conformance with the Contract Documents. They create field reports after each of our visits to document progress and address any issues and non-conforming items we observe.

If requested, they also review and certify the Contractor’s requests for payment and review any change order requests.  Any work that requires clarification they issue ‘sketches’ to facilitate the Contractor’s work. At ‘Substantial Completion’ they work with the Contractor to generate a punch list and oversee its execution.

  And, at the end of the project, they’ll issue a certificate of completion and authorize the release of the final payment. Best residential architectural company in Gurgaon can be hired as people have high demands for their houses to be built as they want. These companies had already fulfilled their clients’ wishes with a suitable budget.


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