Why Should You Use Cord Lanyards With Breakaway?

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 While choosing your identity card accessories, you will probably consider lanyards as an exact option for displaying IDs. Lanyards are commonly used in a wider range of identity programs. They are cost-effective wearable and provide simple solutions in circumstances where an identity card needs to be visible. Lanyards are available in standard or breakaway style today!

The cord lanyard with breakaway offers an important safety advantage, which will snap off and easily removable if it gets stuck with any object. Breakaway lanyards are perfect in active environments, whether in school, workplace, or medical centers. They come in a wider color ranges, attachment options, and are customized with company names or symbols. 

Non-breakaway lanyards are often more economical, although are risky at times and in various situation. Anyone working in your production unit or manufacturing industry, non-breakaway lanyards could become entangled with can cause serious injuries to your workers. Lanyards can easily get caught around your child’s neck, causes unexpected accidents. Young school children wearing student identity cards on lanyards can easily get in caught while running or playing. 

Other instances when wearing non-breakaway lanyards could be risky include working in medical facilities, prisons, and psychiatric wards. Therefore, most working sectors, especially psychiatric wards, should reconsider using breakaway lanyards. And so, you can easily eject it while sensing something risky or uneven situation. 

Breakaway Lanyard Is Everytime The Best Choice! 

If safety matters in your work setting, among your customer and employees or children in care, you are always advised choosing a cord lanyard with breakaway. These identity card accessories are available in various styles or color shades, and with easy-to-open options while grabbed on something. 

Breakaway lanyards are also available with plastic clips, which will sit perfectly on your neck and gives way when it is caught with objects. Others come with rubber clips, in which the cord easily releases when pulled on. These safety gears are equally customized with a quick-release clasp opening easily to avoid choking. 

Different Types of Breakaway Lanyards

You’ve ample options when it comes to choosing your security identity card attachments. You can opt for breakaway lanyards with the following attachment possibilities –

  • Plastic Hook: This simple plastic clip is attached to the slot and it is easy wearing and removing as well. 
  • Card Clamp: These metal clamps are connected with slots at the top of your identity card and secure it to the breakaway lanyards.  
  • Split Ring: This sort is often used when you need to carry keys and connect to breakaway lanyards. 
  • Swivel Hook: This is commonly customized with metal and attached with a simple swivels clip. Swivel hooks are a great choice when you’ve needed to display two-sided cards.  
  • Badge Reel: This usually comes with a clamp on the end and is a great choice for identity cards require while inserting into readers or swiped. 

Safety breakaway lanyards are commonly preferred in various working sectors where security concerns are important, and also to avoid risk concerns. 

Let’s assume you’ve understood the importance of breakaway lanyards and can choose the right attachment option now!


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