Why you Should Invest in Solar Monitoring for Your Solar System

Solar systems have been gaining popularity over the years. A Solar system is a clean and effective way to create renewable energy. The ongoing physical maintenance is challenging and expensive. People have to go out in the field to make sure everything is running smoothly. A solar monitoring system has been introduced to combat this problem and is actively used in most populated areas that are actively using solar arrays.

A solar monitoring system measures energy consumption, solar electricity production, grid exports, grid imports, battery charge, and discharge power. This data is collected every few minutes, compiled through graphs, and updates your dashboard in a timely manner. It’s common for the solar leasing company to manage and maintain the solar array while it is under a lease, and with that comes solar monitoring services. For homeowners who own their systems outright, monitoring devices can be connected and monitored using mobile devices.

Benefits of Solar Monitoring Systems:

Here are a few benefits of using Solar monitoring systems. These benefits apply to self-monitored systems and those monitored by vendors like Ayka Technologies under the lease agreement.

Timely Alerts

If you own a good monitoring system, it can help you detect if the system’s performance is dropping. Without a solar monitoring system, you may not know when your solar panel has stopped working and receive bills that exceed your typical monthly rate. With a monitoring system, you will either receive an email or message in a couple of days to let you know that the solar system is down. For self-owned systems, it may require a technician. For leased systems, a certified tech should evaluate the problem and resolve it at no cost while the system is under a lease.


The consequences of electric failures can be very dangerous, especially if you have a solar system installed in your home. Using algorithms, a good monitoring system will detect faults and let you know before it’s too late. A warning is issued if something is about to fail. With a monitoring system, your overall safety is assured, and potential problems can be avoided.

Understanding Billing

Solar monitoring systems help you understand the cost of the solar system. You can expect to receive a high bill if your solar system is not working, and by monitoring it properly, you can rest assured that you are getting the return on investment that you signed up for.

Proper monitoring will also give you an idea of where your money is going. If you are consuming more energy than normal, or if a rebate was initiated, or a billing error was made, proper monitoring should allow you to identify these possibilities without too much headache. A solar monitoring system can give you an exact reason for billing quickly without any fuss.

Maximum Production

Solar monitoring systems are monitoring the production constantly. This data is updated every few seconds. So, if your solar system production starts to deteriorate, you will be notified immediately.

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