7 Various Ways To Do Hemp Seed Florida.


Hemp seed, the tiny little seed of the cannabis plant that looks like a little pine nut, is packed with omega 3s and protein and can be used in a variety of different ways. Here are 7 options for Hemp Seed Florida.

1) Hemp seed butter. Try this hemp seed butter. It is delicious and fits well in a small bowl but you can prepare it larger for a large meal by dividing the recipe in half and cooking two batches at once.

2) Hemp seed crackers. You can use the hemp seed powder as a base for your crackers or breads, as an ingredient in homemade cheeses or spreads, or even make your own bread by simply mixing the hemp seed powder with flour. Here are some ideas of how to use hempseed flour.

3) Hemp seeds oil (seeds are poisonous, use fish oil instead). Hemp seeds oil has a light, nutty flavor. It can be used in salad dressings or dips, or in any recipe where you would normally use olive oil. Here is a recipe for hemp seed oil salad dressing.

4) Hemp seed pesto (seeds are poisonous, use pine nuts). This is one of my favorite hemp seed recipes. It is great as a sandwich spread on bread or as a dip for vegetables and fruit. Hemp seeds are also delicious when mixed with sunflower seeds and sprinkled over salads or green leaves. Sprinkle it over your favorite foods and enjoy! If you want to experiment more with this recipe, try adding garlic and herbs of your choice. You might also try experimenting with making other nut or seed butters. You can use hemp seeds in place of pine nuts for a delicious pesto, but if you are already buying pine nuts then you might as well splurge and get the pine nuts and just toss them in your food processor for a few minutes.

5) Hemp butter. This is another popular hempseed recipe that is somewhat like peanut butter. Be sure to use raw shelled hemp seeds if possible, as roasted hempseed will taste bad when used in this recipe. This is an excellent spread on toast or a great addition to smoothies, fruit salads and baked goods. Hemp butter has a mild flavor that blends well with others. Buy hempseed butter, it lasts for months.

6) Hemp seed floss. This is a recent addition to my list of hempseed uses and can be used to replace dental floss or as a thicker type of hair tie. Use it on your hair, around your ponytail, ribbons or anywhere you want to add a little spice. It looks very pretty and can look great in your hair! Try experimenting with different flavors by making homemade candies or extracts for use in recipes such as green tea or lemonade drinks. Here is my recipe for hempseed floss candies.

7) Hemp alcohol (gelatinous substance). This is not really a recipe, but rather a way to use hemp seeds to make something other than food. If you soak the hemp seeds in alcohol for a few days they will start to form a gelatinous substance that can be used for various medical purposes or as an additive to pharmaceuticals since it is completely non-toxic. You can also use it as a substitute for gelatin in recipes. You might have some success in using the seeds with milk and sugar, mixing them together and letting them sit while you strain out the seeds.


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