Cherry Diesel: An Exciting Weed for All


Cherry Diesel is an exciting weed that will be a hit with all smokers. It has been widely known for its uplifting and energetic buzz, perfect for those who need a boost of energy. Cherry Diesel has won many awards including the 2017 Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, but it’s not just about the award-winning high. This article discusses what makes this strain so great and includes some fun facts as well!

Cherry Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Cherry Pie and Sour Diesel Kushie Bites. This strain has a fruity smell, with flavors that are somewhere between sweet blueberry pie crust, tart cherry juice, and earthy diesel fuel. The high starts off as an energetic burst before settling into more of a clearheaded buzz.

The first thing I notice about this particular batch of Cherry Diesal from the dispensary in Oregon’s Weed Country was just how stinky it smelled – like weed mixed with cherries! It looked to be pretty good quality too – dense buds covered in white crystals (which were apparently frost), so I bought some for $25/gram on my way out.

I finally got around to smoking it last night and I can say that it’s a really good strain. The high comes on fast with an energetic burst, which then settles into more of a clearheaded buzz. It also has some very nice flavor – sweet blueberry pie crust mixed with tart cherry juice, or earthy diesel fuel? Either way the taste is great!

For me Cherry Diesel hits right in the middle between being too cerebral (like Sage) or too heavy-leaded (like Trainwreck). That balance makes this weed perfect for people who like to get things done but still want to be mentally active at the same time.

Cherry Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain that most people will enjoy. It’s got the same high potency as regular diesel, but with an earthy flavor of cherries and pine. Cherry Diesel has been noted to be good for easing symptoms in patients who have chronic pain or anxiety. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider this your invitation!

As always, bear in mind that there may be side effects associated with any type of cannabis use – so speak to your doctor before using if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding; under 18 years old; prone to seizures (or taking other seizure medication); experiencing psychosis or schizophrenia (or on antipsychotic medication); or have a heart condition.

What are some reasons why Cherry Diesel might be right for me?

Cherry Diesel has been known to provide relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia while still maintaining the same high potency as regular diesel! It’s also great if you’re looking for an uplifting strain that provides mental clarity.

How can I get this amazing weed? In Canada we’ve got it available through Tweed’s online store with free shipping on orders over $150 – take your pick of THC levels: 20% (Sativa), 18% (Indica), 24% (hybrid). You’ll find it in stores across Canada soon but until then check out the website to see what other awesome strains we have!


Cherry Diesel is a well-known strain that will be sure to please all smokers with its uplifting and energetic buzz. It’s been widely known for the award-winning high, but it’s not just about the cup. This article discusses what makes this potent weed so great, including some fun facts as well! The main goal of AP automation is efficiency; by automating your marketing process you can spend more time on other important aspects such as customer service or product development while ensuring that your lead funnel stays full at all times. All this means increased sales without adding any additional effort from you and your team members – which sounds like a win in our book! If you’re ready to get started implementing these principles into your


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