Vape Burning Taste — What to do


A lot of people are switching to vaping because it is considered a better way of getting a nicotine hit than smoking traditional cigarettes. There are numerous vaping devices you can choose between and some of them are tricky to get used to. With a little practice, however, you can easily enjoy using these devices. 

Regardless of the vaping device you are using, your vaping experience is still going to be amazing. However, after some time, your vape device might begin producing a burnt taste which results in an uncomfortable sensation on your throat that might end up ruining your vape experience. Even if you try using different e-liquids, the problem does not go away. 

If you have recently begun experiencing this, do not worry because there are ways in which you can quickly fix this and continue enjoying vaping. In this post, we look at what might cause your vape to taste burnt and methods you can use to correct it. 

Why can a vape have a burnt taste?

A burnt taste from a vape can be because of several reasons. We are going to look in detail at some of the common reasons why you may experience a burnt taste while vaping and how you can easily sort it out. Read on as some of these reasons might be behind your recent unpleasant vaping experience. 

High wattage vaping

There are numerous vaping devices and most of them allow you to control the wattage at which you vape. Controlled wattage means regulating the amount of power the vape coil draws when you are vaping. If you are vaping at a wattage way beyond the recommended wattage of a coil, you will begin experiencing a vape burning taste as a result of the e-liquid being vaporized too fast. 

Vaping at too high a high wattage also damages your coil and soon you might start looking for ways how to fix a burnt coil vape. Make sure your vaping device is at the recommended wattage setting for optimal heating and vape hits as well. 

Chain vaping

This is another common reason why you may be having a burnt taste vape experience. Chain vaping simply means using your vaping device continuously without giving it some time to cool down. When vaping, the coil heats the vape juice which is then soaked into the wick, evaporating it to produce vapour. 

Chain vaping does not allow enough e-liquid to be soaked into the wick which can lead to a burnt vape taste. Vaping in this manner can also quickly damage your coil or wick. Take breaks from vaping allowing the deice to cool down from time to time and you might never experience a burnt vape again. 

Improperly primed coils

After using your vape device for a long period, the coils do eventually burn out and may require to be replaced. When changing the coils if the new coil is not primed correctly, you will have a burnt taste while vaping. An incorrectly primed coil reduces vapour production which eventually leads to a burnt taste vape. 

Do not be in a rush when replacing your coils—instead, take your time ensuring that your coils are primed in the right manner. Several online resources can guide you on how you can replace your coils correctly without priming them incorrectly.

Vaping on an empty tank

If you have not refilled your vape tank, it means as you heat the coil, there is nothing to be heated to produce vapour. Eventually, the wick will dry out and start burning causing the unpleasant burnt vape. 

Ensure that your tank is full before you begin vaping making sure that wicking holes are not exposed. If the wick is fully soaked with the e-liquid, there is little chance that you will experience a vape burning taste. 


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