9 Tips to Improve Your Skills- Escape from Tarkov

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Escape from Tarkov is an ever-growing game. So, strategies, plots, and players keep changing from time to time. If you are a new player, some gaming tips may help you to improve your skills. Though every player must plan unique strategies and use his own skills to master this game, these tips will be helpful when someone gets overwhelmed.

9 Tips for Escape from Tarkov

  1. Offline practice

Jumping directly into the game can get you killed again and again. As a result, you will gain no experience and get time to practice your aims. So, the offline mode is perfect for you if you want to practice Escape from Tarkov without the fear of dying. 

While playing offline, you can check the map thoroughly, fight against different Scavs, and discover different routes. Because this mode is only for training, you will not earn any reward. But never spend too much time here. You have to face the real world and battle against actual enemies.

  1. Dealing with gear fear

Tarkov gear fear can stop you from using your skills to their fullest. So, try to get over this fear as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are certain proven ways to remove this anxiety and fear. You need to understand that money will not be a huge factor as you move further in this game. 

You can get average weapons for quite a low price. Even if you need money, you can always use some extra resources. So, never be scared of losing your gears and keep yourself from hoarding the gears. Getting over the gear fear will make the game more exciting. 

  1. Gear insurance

While you are playing Escape from Tarkov, you have to take advantage of the gear insurance. You can get it back even after your character dies when you insure your gear. This feature is very useful for top-tier and rare guns, which are very difficult to come by. But do remember, you will only get weapons insurance, not from loot. 

But, if you die during loot and someone else gets your weapon, you cannot get back the weapon. In later stages, if the person who looted you dies, you will get back your weapon. Hiding your weapons strategically on the map is one of the most useful EFT Hacks. Thus, you will get back the item after your death.

  1. Experiment with Scav

Most players prefer to play as PMC’s, but you should also try playing as Scav to test your skills. When you are playing as your main character, there is always a risk of death. So, if you die, you lose all your belongings. 

Even the insured ones can get lost if someone else claims it. On the contrary, if you are playing as a Scav and kill one of the main characters, you can loot their gears and store them for the future. The main character can also use these weapons.

  1. Playing style

You need to use both the characters for passive and aggressive playing. Each character has different pros and cons, and you need to adopt a suitable style for both. Reaching the goal may take time when you use passive playing, but it assures long-term success. 

On the other hand, aggressive playing will give you instant success, but you may get killed in this process due to hasty decisions and silly mistakes. 

  1. Sound effects

Sound is a vital part of this game. Always keep the sound levels on so that you can hear every little move and noise. Thus, you will hear approaching footsteps and the sound of vehicles. It will help you to plan and defend against every attack. So, use a quality headset and ensure that you are not disturbed by background noises. 

  1. Learn the map

Learning the map will help you detect hidden routes, hostile corners, and risky paths. You can also learn the position of spawns and save yourself from attacks. 

  1. Looting

You can get money, gear, and resources in this game from looting. But when and what to loot can be confusing. You should always loot to complete quests. Apart from that, you should pick up gold, bitcoin, key, GPU, and status.

  1. Quests

Quests are an important part of this game, so participate in them. Completing the quest will earn your rewards and money. Each quest is uniquely designed, which makes the game more enjoyable.


These are the top 9 tips to master your skills in Escape from Tarkov. Apart from all these, you need to practice playing with different characters and check videos of pro-players. These will help you to master the game quickly. So, use these tips and do not forget to have fun.


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