Adventure Travel in the UK

You may believe this to enjoy an adventure vacation you want to go overseas to some far away and exotic destination to adhere to a less travelled route for unique and intriguing experiences.

This isn’t always true that you are able to discover some wonderful experience experiences right here on your own doorstep at the U.K. There are loads of adventurous vacations you may choose from sailing breaks to trekking vacations to riding vacations; you name it, and you’ll be able to locate it from the U.K.

Remaining in the U.K. for family adventure vacations can operate extremely well, especially if you’re on a tight budget since the travel costs will be a lot lower. You might perhaps afford to stay more or manage the adventure and activity holiday, which is more specific as an outcome. Use of all of the U.K. offers from its superb coastline, which may be utilized for sailing vacations or other water sports, to its magnificent national parks such as trekking, horse riding, mountain biking and a lot more.

Walking, Hiking and Cycling

Mountain climbing is a popular activity and what better one to attempt than hiking to the peak of this U.K.’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis at the Highlands. The Highlands is a richly beautiful area to research. Ben Nevis is available in the western end of the Grampian Mountains, and you are able to climb to the summit at 1,344 metres. Whilst in the region, you might also try out a few kayaking.

Walking distance Mount Snowdon in Wales is yet another popular activity. Situated in Snowdonia National Park, where you are able to hike, mountain bike and kayak too, Snowdon is the maximum mountain in England and Wales, attaining 1,085 metres at its summit. It’s well worth the effort to love its rugged beauty.

Maybe biking is much more your thing, in which case you can cycle the breadth of England, after a four-day 225km course that takes you throughout the Lake District and the Northern Pennines. Beginning at Whitehaven and biking around to Tynemouth, it is possible to take in a few of these U.K.’s most spectacular and magnificent landscapes.

Go even farther afield to enjoy flora and fauna from the Orkney Islands, where it is possible to observe some of those U.K.’s best-preserved places. You’ll have the privilege of visiting a number of the biggest bird colonies in the world such as the puffin colonies whilst researching Iron Age villages and significant Neolithic sites like Skara Brae. The region is also abundant with dolphins, whales, seals and other land mammals and a few gorgeous wildflower areas. It’s really a breath-taking destination for combining experience with nature in its finest.


Sailing is also a popular way to observe some of the greatest regions of the U.K. You do not even need to become a professional sailor as numerous experience vacation businesses provide sailing vacations for beginners or people with no experience in any way since a seasoned team will offer your assistance.

On the flip bottom, if you’re a seasoned sailor, there are loads of more challenging sailing excursions you are able to try on the British shore. The Cornish shore and also the coast are popular places for sailing. In case you’ve got enough time, try out a twelve-week long experience sailing trip around the coast of Britain, a 2,500-mile round trip where you are able to enjoy the finest of Britain in an amazing journey.

Carol Potts frequently writes on family vacations for a selection of adventure vacation sites and sites.

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