Never Miss Gifting Your Missus on These Five Occasions


Although relationships work on establishing principles of love, trust, honesty, gifting is also one of the ways to show how much you love the other person. In other words, gifting is an act which keeps the spark in a relationship alive until the very end. All year-round, we like to pamper our loved ones with different kinds of gifts on various special days like birthdays, anniversaries, farewell, Valentine day, etc., as well as on festivals like New Year, Diwali, etc. One such relationship which requires pamperings out of love, now and then is that of husband and wife. But often husbands miss out on gifting their lovely spouses on these occasions, making their relationship hit the rough patch arguing about it. If you are a husband, then you need to ensure that you shower over love with some amazing gifts on your dearest wife if not on every occasion at least on these five occasions. Know about these occasions and get set shopping for your wifey. 

  1. Birthday – The day one is born, or when one takes birth on this beautiful planet called Earth, it undoubtedly needs to be celebrated over some amazing birthday gifts. Though, if there’s a party there would be many others who would come to attend it along with a token of their love and best wishes for her. But trust us, she will be waiting for you to be pampering her with something that she secretly wished her. You need to meet her gift expectations with your gifting gesture on this day for sure because this day has got a special place in every lady’s heart. Believe it or not!
  1. Anniversary – Leave her reminiscing of those golden vows which you took years ago while marrying her. Make her believe the foundation of this relationship has always been based on the love with which they started this ion the first place. Hence, on every anniversary, a husband has to pamper his darling wife with the best possible gift for wife on anniversary to let her secretly know that the world and the people around might change, but not the love you hold for her. Pro Tip – Something romantic would be very well appreciated on this day, so think something out of the box to pamper her with. 
  1. Karwa Chauth – For those who don’t quite know what kind of festival like Karwa Chauth, then we would tell you that it is a one-day festival on which a married woman fasts of the long life and the well being of her husband. If your family celebrates this festival every year in the month of Kartik as per Hindu Calendar, then you must prep up with some gifting skills to pamper her in the best possible manner. As she will be fully fasting ( that wouldn’t be even touching a drop of water on that day), she deserves to get pampered on that day. Doesn’t she?
  1. Diwali – Diwali, Divali, Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights, usually lasting five days and is celebrated by everyone in India. On this day, people light up diyas, candles and deck up their houses with fairy lights to welcome Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman and Goddess Sita in Ayodhya. People gift their loved ones something that they will love, and when it comes to pampering their wives, no stones need not be left unturned. Mostly, husbands like to pamper their wives with a piece of precious jewellery as they resemble Goddess Lakshmi who is worshipped on this day.
  1. New Year – To end this ongoing year on a good note, leaving behind all the bad bitter memories in the past and looking to grow together in love, husbands like to pamper their wife with something special as a new year’s gift. 

So, make a note of these special occasions in which she would be secretly wishing for a gift from you but wouldn’t tell you. You can start your shopping at some reputed online or offline gift store to get some good idea what to gift her on each of these occasions so that she gives your her beautiful smile while receiving your little token of love. Let your gift speak of the love you hold for her. 


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