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samet ozer Nn0Ap GCzw4 unsplash

Don’t listen to the critics insatiable really funny hi thanks for watching today I want to talk about the new Netflix TV show insatiable I say new it’s been out probably two months or so but I just finished watching the series. and I really enjoyed it and so I wanted to share my thoughts about it and hope that you just didn’t listen to the critics and not give it a chance the critics were incredibly cruel and I don’t think they got the joke about this show. Yes the characters are not good as characters like game of thrones bastard names.

Rotten Tomatoesit’s listed at 11% for the critics and Metacritic gave it a score of twenty-five out of a hundred you would think that that would be a terrible show. but that’s not the case I found this show really funny and I think that a lot of people have really taken to it and enjoy the show in fact it’s been renewed for a second season this show is a black comedy and if you don’t know what that is it’s also called a dark comedy it’s a comic style that makes light of subject matter that is generally considered taboo particularly subjects that are normally considered serious or painful to discuss many of the topics in this show. 

I can understand that sensitive people would have an issue with there’s a big deal with fat shaming there are lots of stereotypes in the shows about gays and blacks and trans and conservative Christians and people in the south and all those types of things and that’s what makes this show really funny because it’s a satire and if you don’t get the joke. let me explain the joke satire the use of humor irony exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices and that’s exactly what this show does there are lots of exaggerations but there’s a reason behind it. 

now if you were to just listen to the critics Voxsays Netflix insatiable is somehow both obscenely cruel and terminally dumb and the Thrilla says insatiable is Netflix worst TV show yet by far but on RottenTomatoes while the critics gave at 11% the audience score is 84% that’s the areally high score so the people that watch this they like this I really enjoyed this show the main character is patty. she is formerly fatty patty and I think in the beginning they put a big fat suit on her and she lost a lot of weight and you know a lot of critics have an issue that it’s fat-shaming but there’s a lot of things in this show that is made fun of the other main character is Bob he’s a lawyer who is coaching patty to be a beauty contestant. 

beauty pageant contestant and he’s a very fancy Southern gentleman and hearts in a manner that many might consider being stereotypically gay now I think this character is really funny and I enjoy the portrayal of Bob in this show you know it’s interesting when it comes to representation. because I thought that the criticism of this show would come from conservative Christians because this show takes place in Georgia and most of the characters are conservative Christian and so in a way, it’s clowning conservative Christians but I haven’t heard any outrage from the conservative Christian community about this show I’ve heard a lot of outrage from people talking about fat shaming and using too many stereotypes. Related- game of thrones fantasy football names

well that’s what this show is it’s a satire it’s a black comedy it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do now if those things make you feel uncomfortable and you can’t laugh at them then this is not the show for you but if you can laugh at those things this is a funny show it revolves around high school. it’s a comedy-drama and the acting is I think really good I believe the characters when they’reacting even though they’re over-the-top and they’re all stereotypes I don think there’s a single character in the show that you can really root for they’re all kind of awful in their own way. 

I think the script is well done it’s provocative it does a good job of capturing the voices of these different characters and I liked seeing all these different tropes and stereotypes play out in the show I just got a big kick out of it I don’t want to give away too much there’s a lot of twists and turns if after one show you don’t like it don’t watch anymore this series isn’t for you. but if you find yourself laughing out loud you may have found a new show that you can watch with so much going on in the world today it’s nice to have a show that you can just kind of get sucked into and enjoy and forget about the rest of things for40 or 50 minutes that’s what this show is it’s a really nice diversion I would put it in the same category as over-the-top comedies like eastbound and down Vice Principals maybe even it’s always sunny and I think it’s really cool that a lot of the main characters in the show are women so if you have Netflix and you’re looking for a new series that you might get a chuckle out of to check out insatiable let me know what you think about it in the comments help me reach my goal of one-millionth of two thousand subscribers by clicking the like button and subscribing thanks


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