Top Hidden and Unusual Things to do in Australia in 2020


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Australia? It might be the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Opera House. For people who love wildlife, kangaroos and koalas without any doubts. Quokkas will strike a few in rare cases. For someone who loves sports, it might be the World Cup or test matches or football events. The places and things not only linger in your minds, but you make sure you experience the best of it on your Australia vacation. No matter what, they remain on all Australia itineraries.

But there are other hidden and unusual things you must see in Australia. They are the pure miracles of the country.

Here are the top unusual things to do in Australia in 2020.

Things to do in Melbourne

Though Melbourne is always on top of all the itineraries, there are several places that people miss to visit. For instance, Haunted Bookshop is something that tourists are not even aware of. It offers a diverse range of books on tarot, occult and Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, Magic, Witchcraft and many more. If you are a person who is not afraid of ghosts, then the personal tour offered with Australian TV presenter Drew Sinton is a must-do when you are in Melbourne in 2020. He loves exploring the spooky sites.

Apart from the Haunted Bookshop, Medical Museum, Melbourne Storm Tunnels, Flinders Street Station Ballroom, Wunderkammer are other few things you can explore in Melbourne to escape from cliched tourist spots.

Things to do in Sydney

As you all know, Sydney Harbour is what comes to mind when you think of Sydney. But there are other places that only the locals will know. Would you not want to experience them? Don’t forget to check out the SS Ayrfield, a floating forest located in Homebush Bay. You’ll be surprised to witness the lush mango tree forest in the freighter. Though nature has broken it down, it floats miraculously and is undoubtedly a visual treat.

Other fabulous wonders in Sydney are Wendy’s Secret Garden in the abandoned train yard, the Heritage-listed Cockatoo Island and the Forgotten Songs Sound Sculpture. Sydney is never short of wonders and miracles.

Blue Lake

Blue lake is the most unusual thing in Australia. It is located on Mt.Gambier in South Australia. It is found in an ancient meteorite crater. Don’t get fascinated by the fact mentioned above. The colour of the lake depends on the time of the year. If you visit the lake from April to November, you will be shocked to see Blue Lake in grey. It looks blue only from December to March. You can also check out the various trekking trails around the lake.

Daly Waters

Are you wondering what the name is all about? It is not a lake or waterfall for sure. It is a quirky pub located between Adelaide and Darwin. If you are planning to go on a road trip from Darwin to Adelaide, make sure you don’t miss out on this place. Being a pub that shares its name with its town, you can find a plethora of shirts on the walls of the pub as a decoration. The visitors leave their shirts here as a part of their mementoes. A giant helicopter opposite to the pub will also be a strange backdrop for your pictures.

Talbot Bay’s Horizontal Waterfalls

I am sure you are already stunned with the name ‘Horizontal Falls’.Yes, Talbot Bay’s Horizontal Waterfalls is a waterfall that flows horizontally. It is located in Kimberley in Western Australia. Please don’t assume that people have mistaken it for a stream or river. The nature of the waterfall is due to a break between McLarty Ranges. So, seawater builds up faster parallelly instead of vertically and flows this way. If you want to experience adventure in Kimberley, then Talbot Bay’s Horizontal Waterfalls on top of your bucket list.

The Pinnacles

Western Australia is home to thousands of weather-beaten limestone pillars that are called Pinnacles. The sources of the limestone are seashells abundant in aquatic life. The structures are unique, and they are sure to amaze you, just like the Twelve Apostles. But Pinnacles are found in the deserts of Western Australia.

Wave Rock

Mother nature has never failed to us with the creation of her masterpieces. Wave Rock is precisely right to my statement. It is a strange formation of rock in Perth in Western Australia. The stretch of 296 km of rock looks like a breaking wave. The stone is also called Hyden Rock due to its nearby town, Hyden. The rock’s appearance is unique and looks as if someone has carved it entirely, but the formation is due to years of erosion.

Are you already stunned with the read? The excitement gets to its fullest when you experience the most of these wonders. So, it is time to pack up your damn bags and plan your Australia tour. Check out these customised Australia packages from India to get inspired!


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